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Surreal moment

I think as the election gets closer and closer, I will have more surreal moments.

The first today was seeing a Fox reporter live outside of Wasilla city hall. Both my dad and my mother–in-law worked in that building. My dad, years before Sarah. My mil, with Sarah when she was mayor.

The second was when I saw Faye Palin, Sarah’s mil (actually her fil’s second wife, not Todd’s mom), being interviewed on Fox. I was in my mom’s bedroom and I yelled to the living room where my dad was, “DAD!! TURN ON FOX . . . . . THEY’RE INTERVIEWING FAYE PALIN.” We knew the older Palins when they used to golf at a golf course my dad managed and I was the bookkeeper. I probably haven’t seen Faye since 1992 . . . . LOL.

Strange things, my friends, strange things.

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My Worst Parenting Mistake Ever

The Domestic Spaz is having a unique blog carnival. All of us are to share the worst thing we’ve ever done as a parent. I’ve had a few . . . . . such as asking my 4 year old son, “Do you really WANT to go to hell?” He tells me now (he’s almost 13) he doesn’t remember me saying it. But I have had one shining example that pales every horrible thing I’ve ever done as a mom.

I was on the computer and my daughter wanted something to snack on. I had shelled peanuts so I started giving them to her. (Just so you all know, I’m starting to cry at my own stupidity, it still gets me 9 1/2 years later.) My darling earth-angel was 14 months old at the time. I know, I know . . . . I can hear you all yelling at me. And, of course, she choked on one. I started freaking out, but she was coughing and still breathing so I thought all was well. When I ran into the bathroom with her and the moment had passed, I looked in the mirror. I’m naturally the color of mayonnaise, but I was even whiter at that moment. It’s something I’ve never forgotten.

Oh . . . . . . if only it ended there. Amber had been very sick all winter long and she was sick when the peanut incident happened. But a few days later she stared wheezing. I took her to the doctor and they put her on yet another antibiotic for bronchitis. The wheezing never got any better. She had to get an x-ray which ended up being a whole other blog . . . . but there seemed to be pneumonia in her lung.

BACK to the pediatrician for inhaler treatments. I was informed that if the wheezing didn’t get any better after the 4th inhaler treatment, she needed to be admitted to the hospital. It didn’t get any better so off to the hospital we went. I had mentioned the choking incident, but no one seemed too concerned.

After we got to the hospital a pediatric pulmonologist listened to her tiny chest with a stethoscope that had two diaphragms instead of one. He listened to her for about .5 seconds and said, “She has an obstruction in her lung.” It was the peanut. It had lodged itself in the upper left lobe of her lung.

So she got to have surgery. They inserted a tube down her throat along with a camera and long tweezers. The surgeon told me if the peanut had deteriorated they would have to fill her lung with liquid and suck everything out. Thankfully, the peanut was perfectly intact and he got it all.

I, of course, was doing nothing but raking myself over the coals. The surgeon looked at me and said, “I have taken everything you can imagine out of lungs . . . . Legos, you name it.” That made me feel a shred better.

Handing my screaming baby over to the anesthesia nurses was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. One of my friends who was there described me as overwrought. Yeah, that would pretty much describe it.

The surgery was a complete success and, best of all, I was not reported to Child Protective Services.

And now I have to go have another good cry over it.

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Can I get a S-C-R-E-A-M???

My dad calls me this morning at 8:30 a.m. I was happily oblivious to the world and he knew that – LOL. He then tells me McCain has chosen his running mate. Okay . . . . I kinda thought he was losing his marbles to call me about that. Then he tells me who it is . . . . . SARAH PALIN !!!! No one probably knows her, but I do. She’s the governor of Alaska. And she happens to be from the same 9,000 person town that I’m from and that Obama’s campaign is making fun of now.

Un-be-liev-uh-bull. Even more crazy? Her younger sister, Molly, went to high school with me. Then we worked at now defunct MarkAir airlines together. THEN she was my kid’s dental hygienist until we left Alaska. Wild my friends, truly wild. OH! And when my mother-in-law worked for the city of Wasilla, Sarah was the mayor and was Betty’s boss. Betty even has her autograph on a goodbye gift. And my dad was friends with Sarah’s in-laws, Jim and Faye Palin.
Okay, she’s going to walk out with McCain in Ohio in a few. Now they’re talking about how she was Miss Teen Wasilla and her dad took her moose hunting as a kid.

I’m kind of tearing up. Never in a million years would I think that anything could put Alaska in the national spotlight . . . . . unless it was oil. It will be sweet for me to watch the media chronicle a life that was very similar to mine (until she became mayor . . . . ). Oh yeah, and tear her apart from limb to limb. I won’t enjoy that.

You can bet for the very first time in my life I’ll be watching the republican convention and the vice presidential debates. I might even turn it into a viewing party!!! I’ll be praying for her, too. I wouldn’t want to go up against a seasoned politician like Biden. Now they’re saying Palin is the only one out of Obama, Biden, McCain that has actually run a government. Hee hee . . . .

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My Blog for Today

My post for today can found here. It’s part of We Are THAT Family’s blog carnival. I’ve almost stopped the involuntary twitching I experienced after this, what may be our last, camping trip.

For some reason, Blogspot hates me tonight and I can’t get the cool button for her blog-ival on here. So if you want to check it out, just click on the button in my sidebar.

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‘Fro Me To You – Palm Springs

Ya know, each week as I thoughtfully prepare my ‘Fro entry, part of me is angry at Kristen. How dare she make me relive such atrocities of my past. Then the other part of me is mad at myself for loving it so much.
Imagine if you will, it’s November 1994. You and your husband are on an all expense paid trip to the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, CA. You’re on your second honeymoon in a sense because just 2 1/2 years ago you were in the same city on your first honeymoon. Yep, Palm Springs in August. We were really thinkin‘ on that one.

So to commemorate your second honeymoon, you decide to . . . well . . . sexy the hair up. How do you do that? First, you run to Wal-Mart, purchase some Miss Clairol and go about 10 shades lighter than your normal “boring brown” hair. You gasp as your get out of the shower upon first seeing how orangy it is, but undaunted you press on. Second, you pay an arm an a LEG at the resort salon to get an awesome ‘do. What you forget is that Palm Springs caters to the nearly dead mature crowd. At the time, I was 25. I pretty much ended up with a hairstyle a grandma would wear.

Me with light orange hair is no longer an option. But, hey, something worked. Because this trip will always be known as the trip where we threw away the birth control! Woot! And literally nine months and six weeks later our son was born.

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I feel an emotional blog comin’ on . . . . .

The past 19 hours or so have been very emotional . . . . but in a good way. All thanks to Facebook. Cuz I’m really deep.

I was perusing the site late last night and “chatting” with a girl I probably haven’t physically seen since 1984. She had been very good friends with my sister-in-law who is now my BFF. It was fun talking to her so I thought I’d think real hard and pull some names up from many years gone by. The first name I thought of was a dear college roommate. I typed her name in and voila – there she was. I was immediately choked up at seeing her, her husband and daughter in living color on my monitor. Ya’ll (okay, so I’m not from the south, but I went to college in the south so I’m allowed one “ya’ll” a year), I love technology. Me and Kip. You have to have zero life to get that last statement.

I immediately thought it couldn’t get any better . . . . until I typed in our other roommate’s name from that year and she appeared as well. Did I mention these two are sisters? I figured if I could find one, I could find the other.

Why all the emotion over a couple of roommates from the late 80’s? Well, let me put it this way. You have friends in college and then you have roommates. And if you’re lucky, you end up sharing way more than just a dorm room with your roomies. Such was the case with Lisa and Deana (all names changed to protect the innocent). They introduced me to a world that my 20 year old self had never thought of . . . . . a community of people who had left their home country because of being persecuted for Christ. My friends were/are Romanian. They were old enough when they left Romania to remember leaving and the hardships they endured both in their home country and then starting all over again in America.

Talk about having my viewpoint of the world in general shaken up. And another aspect of their friendship is that I met many, many Romanians that were also attending our university. Meeting and becoming friends with those students remains one of my most cherished college experiences. I can’t hear the word “Romania” and not have a catch in my throat. We were attending college the same time Ceauşescu was imprisoned and killed. It was a very emotional time for all of them.

Here’s one story after the revolution and death of Ceauşescu I will never forget . . . . We went to chapel every M, W, F and the stage had all the flags of the different countries that had students attending. I remember right after Romania’s liberation from that horrid dictator one of my friends stormed the stage (before chapel actually started . . . . we were a pretty tame bunch) and cut out the Soviet insignia on the Romanian flag. All to the wild cheering of his fellow Romanians – and me.

Something happened in 1995 and I lost contact with a lot of old friends. What could it have been? What could it have been? OH!! It was the arrival of Hurricane Austin. And this was pre-internet explosion and none of us had really even heard of e-mail. So getting in contact again with Lisa and Deana is something I truly cherish. Even though my son made fun of me for tearing up while looking at Facebook, I’ll be okay. And supremely happy!

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Pointless Monday

Well my entire day wasn’t pointless. But what I just spent the last 30+ minutes on was pretty pointless. But, hey, it makes a great blog entry so who am I to judge myself? Thanks to Amy at The King’s Table, I can now see what I would have looked like in any era courtesy of Yearbook Yourself. And since I think it’s freakinhilarious, here are some of mine . . . . . .

1952 – Don’t you love the pearls?

1968 – My neck has never been this long. I have a stump for a neck . . . .

1976 – I’m about 500% sure there’s a real picture of me somewhere with this exact hairdo.

1978 – Finally! A picture for girls with naturally curly hair!

1984 – Now we’re back to my neck. And as for the hair, everyone my age knows how you got that look . . . . a perm and a teeny-tiny curling iron.
1994 – A few things about this year. I was married, had no children, worked part-time and clearly had too much time on my hands. Needless to say, I actually had this hairdo. Only mine was shoulder length. But it was short lived . . . . I went back to short hair in preparation of having a baby in 1995 🙂

And for my closing remarks . . . . the following picture is supposed to be from 2000. And while I do like the overall effect, it proves a point I try to make to people. What is that point? Simply stated it is this: I should never, ever in a million years, go blond.

See my point? Okay, if not, I’ll point the two points out to you. They’re my eyebrows. And while I have managed to tame them in my 30’s (unlike in my 20’s), I just can’t stomach the thought of my dark brown brows with platinum blond hair. So there. And as always, it comes back to the eyebrows!

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Don’t ever let me make turkey curry pasta salad again!

I sorta revamped a recipe from and made a turkey curry bow tie pasta salad yesterday afternoon. I used to think I didn’t like curry. I think because my mom doesn’t like it I always thought I didn’t like it, either. Well, I was helping my neighbor out of a nanny-jam a few months ago and she had chicken curry salad in the fridge. It looked good so I tried it. It wasn’t just good, it was fantastic. Then awhile later we went to a buffet style restaurant and they had a chicken curry salad, too. Let’s just say I made more than one trip to the salad bar.

The recipe yesterday was huge, which is a good thing because if not, Tyler wouldn’t have gotten any. I had it for lunch, dinner, evening snack, breakfast and lunch today. I overdosed to say the least. Now it’s just sitting in my stomach like cement. Ugh. Obviously self-control is something I need to look in to.

Click here for the link to the recipe. I already had cooked turkey on hand so I made the curry, lemon juice and a fraction of the oil into a paste and stir-fried the turkey for a few minutes in the paste. I also substituted a cup of frozen petite peas for the snap peas. Oh, and I added some Craisins. Even though I’m stuffed, I’m craving it again. Too bad . . . . . it’s all gone.

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Got ‘er Done

Rocks in My Dryer posted an almost poetic blog about her son and his recent accomplishment. It should seriously be nominated for some sort of award. It’s so touching and right on the mark. I read it right before we left to watch our son test for his next karate belt. I really could plagiarize her blog from here to next week as she so keenly wrote about emotions I knew I’d be feeling. Thankfully, I’ve seen Austin test enough times that I don’t get too choked up.

He did fantastically last night. He is extremely accurate and fast when he spars. It’s a tad unnerving, but his dojo has a very strict contact policy so I don’t worry *too* much when they spar. Here are a few pictures from last night:

He pretty much nailed the entire exam. He struggles a bit in vocabulary, but his sensei told him it’s a very small part of the overall test. I’m sure he doesn’t study as much as he should armed with that knowledge. Despite that, he passed and was one very happy boy after getting his green belt.

It is strange to watch him excel at something I have absolutely nothing to do with. I can’t give him advice . . . . heck, I don’t even know WHAT he’s doing when I watch him! I guess I do have something to do with it. I make sure he gets there on time, I write the checks to pay for the classes, I keep his gi (uniform) clean, and I spend my anniversary night at the gym watching him get his green belt. There was nowhere else I would have wanted to be.

Before we left for the gym, there was a right of passage of sorts that happened in our kitchen. Austin knocked Tyler on his literal butt. They were messing around and Austin was warding him off and sent him to the ground. I asked Tyler what Austin did to make him fall like that and he said, “I don’t know . . . . it was just really fast.” We looked like a sitcom. Austin did something, Tyler hit the ground, thus hitting Amber in the stomach with her head. Which pushed her into me, who was doing the dishes, and I nearly fell face first in the sink. I think Austin was quite pleased with the chain reaction!

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Website for my mom

Here’s a copy of the blanket e-mail I just sent out to about 500 people. Okay, not that many, but everyone I could think of that knows my mom. And now you get it, too!

Dear Friends and Family,
I created a CaringBridge site to keep you up to date on Connie Blanton. CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization that helps friends and families stay connected.

You can visit Connie’s CaringBridge site at

If your e-mail program does not allow you to click on the above link, just copy and paste the address into your web browser’s address (or URL) location.

Please visit our CaringBridge site anytime. You can use the site to check in on Connie, read the journal entries and send us messages by signing our guestbook. When you register with CaringBridge and sign our guestbook, you will automatically receive e-mail notifications each time our journal is updated. Or, you can subscribe to receive these notifications even before you sign the guestbook. (Of course, you can unsubscribe from these e-mail updates at any time.)
Please print and save this e-mail for future reference.

CaringBridge is a free, nonprofit web service that connects family and friends to share information, love and support during a health care crisis, treatment and recovery.

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