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Could she get any more high maintenence?

on August 3, 2008


Yes, I’m talking about my dog. Anyway, back to her high maintenance ways.

A little background . . . . . towards the end of Ginger’s life, we had to buy her hypoallergenic dog food. Yes, it really exists and it is expensive. That was in December and Belle just finished the last of it a month or so ago. Woo hoo!! We were back on easy street. Iams Mini-Chunks had a returning customer.
About three weeks ago I notice Belle is losing hair, her eyes are weeping and she is scratching herself incessantly. Even doing the whole body rub on the floor. I felt awful for her – especially the itching part. I did a little internet research and all signs pointed to food allergies. If a dog is going to have allergies, the culprits tend to be beef, wheat and corn. Yep, all three of them were in the Iams. I knew I had to change her food. But I was NOT going the expensive vet food route. AND my blog buddy, Becca, just happened to be on a wee vacation and I couldn’t ask her for the website that she orders animal stuff from for cheap.
The more research I did, the more I found out that dogs do well on holistic dog foods. More of a natural route, mind you. Then I remembered Ellen Degeneres talking about a pet food company she was part owner of, Halo. They sell it at Petco so I got it that night. And guess what? I could actually read all the ingredients. And there were no bad ingredients to be found.
So here we are two or three weeks later. Did I mention we had barely scratched the top of the 20 lb. Iams food? I feel better now that it’s out of my system . . . . . back to Belle. She is doing great. Her hair is growing back, her eyes aren’t weeping and she’s done with the crazy scratching. I must admit, her coat looks better than ever. I gave the 19.5 pounds of dog food to my neighbor, whose two dogs can eat anything. It must be nice. But the Halo isn’t super expensive – certainly not like the Science Diet.
Fastforward to today. The dog is sneezing and “coughing” like crazy. I’m more than petrified to Google, “why does my dog sneeze?” Trust me, since it’s me we’re talking about, the only answer I’ll find will be expensive. And JUST when I was loving Belle on a deeper level after comparing her to the kittens we had for awhile. She just seemed so mellow and awesome. Maybe the sneezing and hacking will be better in the morning?
I’m on a new quest to get more sleep than usual so I’m turning in. Yep, that’ll be two nights in a row I went to bed at a decent time. It certainly helped with my mood today. So going to bed will be my excuse for not Googling dog sneezes. At least I don’t sound so uncaring and cheap that way!

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