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For the love of fabric

on August 3, 2008


I am addicted to fabric. So much so that unless I’m actually working on a project, I have to stay out of fabric stores. I’m blessed to live where I do. We have many, many quality fabric stores within driving distance. I had such a girl time with my daughter in the fabric store today so I thought I’d share.

As 99% of you know, my sister in law is having a baby boy. I always knew I would make a quilt for him and I finally got the fabric bought and cut out a month or so ago. And it has sat in its little perfect square and triangle piles since then. I just happened to be thinking about my nephew last week and realized his due date is in six weeks. Gasp. THEN I get an e-mail from said sister in law and she’s coming down here for the long President’s Day weekend (insert ear piercing scream here). I really had to quit procrastinating!

I got the top done yesterday, with the exception of the borders. I didn’t have any fabric for the borders or back and I didn’t have any batting. That meant I had a gen-yu-wine reason to enter the realm of the fabric world. I asked Amber if she wanted to go and she did. Not to see the fabric, but to get some things to decorate her birthday cake with. Which of course was at a different store, but that’s okay.

We got to the store and her reception was lukewarm at best. Then she started feeling all the flannel. I think at that particular moment she was hooked. She grabbed a fat quarter and held it up to two bolts of fabric and said, “Mom, all three of these go together!” I could see the wheels start turning in her head. She started pointing, yanking out bolts to get a better look, gasping when she saw something particularly beautiful. Eyes darting here and there to look at all the fabric. She was picking out fabric that would go with her American Girl. Showing me patterns that were just the perfect shade of pink. Long story short, she was in hog heaven. She’s just like her mom.

It was so cute/funny to watch. At one point I told her if you can sew, your possibilities truly are endless. I’ve offered to teach her how to quilt before and she just looks at me like I’m crazy. I might bring it up again. I’ll probably get the answer, “Why can’t you just make it for me?” My mom tried to teach me to sew when I was in high school and it was a nightmare. I took home ec and we had to make pillows shaped like stuffed animals. I made a mouse. I did so good that my teacher told me it would be just fine once I ripped all the stitches out and started over. How’s that for a spin story?

I learned to quilt when Austin was a year old. I’ve been hooked ever since. I don’t know if it’s so much the quilting as it is the fabric. There is nothing like a perfect color scheme on cotton . . . . it makes me weak in the knees. And sadly, weak in the pocketbook, too. The good stuff isn’t cheap, but it lasts forever. I have two quilts my dad’s mother made and I cherish them. I’m almost positive when she was making them she never guessed her granddaughter would love them so much. They’re both probably 50+ years old. I hope I can pass something on like that to my children and grandchildren.


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