The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Fresh Beginnings

on August 3, 2008


Yes, fresh beginnings would describe today. I know 2008 started 7 days ago, but as most parents of school aged children can attest, the new year doesn’t start until the kids go back to school. Or in my case, the first day they do school. Let me back up a bit . . . . . . This weekend we took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations and got them back into the garage. I like it because everything in the living room goes back to the way it was and it just looks so clean and uncluttered. Give it about 2 days and it won’t be so peaceful, but it looks wonderful for now.
The kids went to bed at their usual school bedtime and I stayed up for awhile to watch t.v. and crochet. I’m making myself a scarf and am just now getting the hang of even stitches and rows. The first part of the scarf is a little rough looking, but I had pulled it out and redone it so many times that they yarn was fuzzy. I’m using wool and didn’t want to damage it further. So the middle and end will look spectacular!
I got up and did my walk at home video this morning. I’m supposed to be getting my new, longer videos today. But it’s 5:25 p.m. and they haven’t shown up. I’ll hold out until 7:00. I think we’re at the end of our UPS route and we usually get things late. I want them BAD (I love using improper grammar) because 1/2 hour just doesn’t seem long enough.
It was hard getting the kids out of bed this morning, but they finally got up. Usually the first day of school after a break is awful. And since we took three weeks off this year, I was expecting the worst. Except for a few mumblings, everything went fine. I started a new grammar program with them this morning and they were just thrilled when we started talking about nouns. Yes, I told them, I know they know all about nouns, but we’re starting at the beginning of the book, period. I also told them to just think about how fast they’ll be able to get it done since they know so much. I love this program because every lesson has a corresponding “Schoolhouse Rock” video to watch. The one for nouns today really took me back. I loved it. They were less than impressed with the graphics. I don’t care, I can’t wait to watch all of them! Knowing me, I’ll tear up more than once – lol.
I’m also thinking I might want a cat. I told my very laid back husband and I swear I saw the thought of him hitting me flicker in his eyes. Belle is kind of a mess. I think it was too much for her to lose Ginger one day and then the next have the kids go off to my parents for the weekend. Even Tyler laid on the floor and played with her. Saturday night Tyler and I went to the late show and saw “I Am Legend.” Uh, not the movie to see if you just got your dog put down 2 days earlier! But overall I really enjoyed the movie and I am NOT into those types of movies at all! By the time we got home that night, Belle was pretty much back to normal. She was extremely happy to see the kids. I think a cat might keep her company.
We’ll see – I’m not going to rush out and get a cat anytime soon. Waiting is the best thing for me right now. OH! If you haven’t seen my review of the Rubba Scrubba, take a gander over there. Another high point of my day was getting all the dog hair off our couch. It made me WAY too happy.


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