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I nearly killed a peacock today!

on August 3, 2008


And I’m not kidding. A real, live, breathing, long tail-feathered peacock. Life just can’t get more random than that, can it? I was heading home after dropping Austin off at his art class. I was minding my own business and out of nowhere here comes a peacock bustin’ out across the street. This is a very busy one way street that is also surrounded by residential areas. I stopped, but the truck in the lane next to me had no idea what was going on. And in that person’s defense, there is no WAY they could have seen the peacock as it was so near my front bumper – right square in the middle of my car. So the truck just barreled on by and nearly killed the peacock. I’ve never seen a bird turn and run the other direction so fast!!! Undaunted, it came back in front of me and crossed the street.

So what was my first reaction?? It was that maybe I should call the police. Say WHAT? That is so not in keeping with the fact my husband has been a cop for almost 11 years. If I have heard one story about some idiot (his words, not mine – lol) calling in a loose cow, loose dog, roaming pig, you name it – I’ve heard hundreds. If I would have called in a peacock on the loose I think my husband would have had to quit his job in shame. Shame that he had done such a poor job of educating his wife on what truly constitues a call to 911.

Thankfully, that was a super fleeting thought. I did turn around to see if I could find out where they came from and alert the unknowing owner. Buy the time I got turned around, there were two more peacocks on the scene!! They were longingly looking across the street at the other. Just as I was about to pull in the driveway, it hit me. My irrational fear of birds.

You heard me right. I am afraid of birds. Don’t get one near me or make me look at one too long. Well, I’m okay to look at them, but the minute one of them gets their freaky, unnaturally skinny legs near me with those nasty feet? I’m not responsible for my actions. So the thought of being anywhere near domesicated peacocks who just might take a gander over and get near me? NOPE! The bird brains were on their own as I stepped on the accelerator and sped my way home.

And as I was speeding home – what do you think my first thought was? I’m sure you already guess it. It was, “I have GOT to write a blog about this!” So I did. Therefore making it possible for me to stay off my laptop tonight while American Idol is on. You see, I have had the winner prematurely announced to me so many times over the years I can’t get on the internet anytime within three hours of the end of the show (Yes, I really do the calculations. I have until 6:50 p.m. Pacific time to be on the internet). And just so you know, I want David Cook to win soooooooooooooo bad. But I’m almost sure Archuleta will – he has the young girls in love and I’m about 500% sure there’s so many of them calling in that that particular demographic decides who the next American Idol will be. And another thought . . . . . . how in the world did I go from peacocks to AI so quickly?? It’s almost scary.


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