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I wasn’t smiling – I was just stretching my mouth that way

on August 3, 2008


That’s what Tyler told me tonight when I commented on how cute his dimples are. Men. He told me he was just stretching that side of his face to match the other side of his face. WHAT? It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Maybe I embarassed him with the cute dimples remark.

Speaking of men, Austin comes to find me this afternoon and says,”Mom, you’ll never believe what dad is wearing to mow the lawn.” A deep, involuntary groan came up from the depths. I didn’t really want to know, but just like not being able to turn away from a car wreck, I had to ask. He said, “Well, first of all, his shirt is off! And he’s wearing his green sweats with his big black boots.” I’ll admit, my first reaction was to scream. But I didn’t. I just looked at Austin and said, “No!” Austin, just as morose, said, “Yes.”

You see, Tyler’s green sweats are just gross. I call them ghetto sweats. They’re the kind that have the elastic around the bottom of each pant leg. Here’s sort of a picture of them here. You might think I’m being mean, but this is his payback for mowing the front lawn in such a get up. And he’ll never see this anyway. Not that I hide my blog from him – quite the contrary. He even has acess to my username and password. He could get in here and really mess things up. It’s just that reading my blog never crosses his mind. I will occasionally send him links to my blog if I think he’ll particularly like reading something. He always does and he always sends me a nice reply. Now, if my blog was about hunting and fishing – he’d be there in a second!

My class at church went well tonight . . . . . . sort of. The 5th graders are getting antsy to move on to the middle school department. They do the middle school promotion early so I only have the 5th graders for one more week. And except for one boy, all the boys that drive me up the wall are 5th graders! Hallelujah! I told Tyler tonight that maybe I shouldn’t be so relieved they’re leaving. The 3rd graders that are taking their place might be even worse. If so, I’ll be muttering on a daily basis, “Even so, come quickly Lord!” When Tyler has Saturdays off he helps me. So he was in there tonight and one girl was driving him nuts. She thought she was being funny and kept screaming the same phrase to him over and over and over when we were in the gym playing dodgeball. I could see him jump everytime she inhaled. I was imitating her at home tonight and he said, “Yeah, she needs more sleep and less sugar!”

I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing Sunday. Since it’s a holiday weekend, I don’t have Bible study. So I told Tyler he gets to take me on a date instead. That is one huge advantage of living next door to Portland – hundreds of awesome restaurants to try out. After our success with Mio Sushi last week, I’ll pick another new restaurant.


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