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If I believed in reincarnation . . . .

on August 3, 2008


. . . . which I do NOT, I would hope and wish and obsess about coming back as someone like Cesar Millan. Don’t know who he is? He’s “The Dog Whisperer” and he has a show on the National Geographic channel.

We don’t have the National Geographic channel (too cheap to bump up our cable service) but I rented the first season on DVD from our library. He is amazing. He doesn’t literally whisper to the dogs. I have no clue why they named the show that other than for sensationalism – Cesar even jokes about it occasionally in the show. He just understands dogs and his techniques to get them into normal dog behavior is so basic. Even though I absolutely love dogs, I have never really learned to read or respond properly to dog behavior.

My biggest problem with any dogs I’ve ever had, and especially my chihuahua because she isn’t even close to being laid back, is that I treat them like kids. So when she growls or barks I talk to her soothingly and pet her in hopes of calming her down. All that does is reinforce the bad behavior. I also don’t wear her out enough. Even though she’s little, she still needs exercise every day.

One of my main issues with Belle is her barking. She barks at everything. Even neighbors who we have known and been around the entire almost four years we’ve lived in this house. Today Amber and I worked on getting her to not bark at the door bell or a knock on the door. Ya know what? After about 1 minute of training, it worked like a charm. Amber could ring the doorbell endlessly and Belle just sat there. Tonight we’ll work on getting her to stop barking when someone walks down the stairs. UGH – so annoying. But I feel kind of sorry for her. I’ve really done nothing but confuse her over the years.

So if you have a dog I highly recommend getting either his book or videos. The videos are so much fun to watch. The kids and I had a marathon session on Friday night and Austin watched more on Saturday. And speaking of Austin, he’s at the orthodontist right now getting his braces on!! My little man is growing up. Tyler took him and when Austin’s done we’re going to meet at Booster Juice for a celebration smoothie. Okay, they’ll have one – I won’t!!


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