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Ikea and April’s Fool

on August 3, 2008


Yep, that would be me. My son got me SO good today. Ever since last night I have been telling myself to be extra on guard today. I got fooled so many times last April 1st it started to get embarrassing! I was even falling for online stuff. But more on what he did to get me in a minute . . . .

We didn’t make it back to the museum today. Tyler’s work called and asked if he wanted to work today. Double time is mighty hard to pass up so he went in. He ended up arresting two people and is up to his eyeballs in paperwork. Who knows when he’ll be home . . . . . He’s off Mon-Fri next week so we’ll go then.

The kids and I ended up BACK at Ikea. I saw a blanket there yesterday I should’ve gotten, but I never buy anything over $20 without checking on Ebay first. I checked and Ikea had the best deal by far so off we went. Austin had never been to Ikea. I said, “WHAT? You’ve never been there?” He, as usual, thought I was crazy. I called my mom because I had about 30 things I was trying to remember to tell her and finally told myself to just call. I told her that Austin was taking his first trip to Ikea and she said, “WHAT? He’s never been there?” Now thanks to the mega-store in the sky, Austin knows what he wants to do with his room. Sort of a light moss green and terracotta. Ah, the boy has taste. We got him a comforter cover and a couple of pillows. Kinda funky, kinda offbeat – just like my darling son who is growing so much into his own person.

I have one word of advice for anyone who ever plans on shopping in Ikea. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever look at a product, grab one out of the bin below it and run to the checkstand with wild abandon. Do you see my critical mistake? I didn’t bother to see if what I got was actually what I wanted. I wrongly assumed because it looked like the plain white quilt I wanted that it was said quilt. NOPE. When the order rang up I had gotten a twin quilt (needed a king) with a warmth rating of 3 (needed a 1). And the place is so HUGE it’s not like a grocery store where a kind employee will go get you what you want. And I don’t blame them. I was so frustrated with myself I would have felt bad sending some poor, innocent employee to fix my mistake. So we went back. I was looking for those shortcuts like a mad woman. Still ended up with a headache.

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the April Fool thing. Austin had his first appointment since getting his braces on. I was really wary about how well he’d been brushing. He’s not known for his flawless dental hygiene – that’s his sister’s claim to fame. He got done and he told me the lady who worked on him said she was surprised to see how clean his teeth were. And that not many people, adults included, have such clean teeth. I wanted to jump for joy. There are times as parents I think we all feel like complete failures. Austin’s adventures in cavities have certainly been enough to make me feel that way. But today was a major victory. I am so over the moon proud of him.

Which leads to the AF prank. He got to get an ice cream sunday after the appointment. We were driving home and he asked me if he had any chocolate on his face. I informed him that he did. He was sitting kitty corner to me in the back seat. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I noticed him rubbing his lips like crazy on the back of the passenger’s seat. My head snapped around and I said, “What in THEEEEEE name of God???” Yes, I invoked His holy name. What can I say? He showed me his finger with the chocolate on it from his face and said, “April Fool’s.” Stinker. I guess that’s my payback for telling him he had to do two math lessons this morning . . . . . . April Fools! I could tell it burned him up that I got him so bad. The ultimate joke was on me! I hope no one else has been gotten too badly.


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