The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Lasts and Firsts

on August 3, 2008


Austin pulled out his last baby tooth last night. It was the last one we were waiting on so he can get braces the first of February. The last year or so he’s really been keeping the Tooth Fairy busy. Before he got up this morning Tyler and I each wrote him a little note and put it in an envelope with $5. The going rate is $1 per tooth, but we did this since it’s his last one. Then we told him we had a secret to tell him and took him in the living room away from Amber. I whispered, “Well, since you’ve lost your last baby tooth, there’s something you should know.” He got really serious and said, “What?” I answered, “The Tooth Fairy isn’t real, it’s me and Dad.” That made him laugh and he said, “I KNOW!” So of course Amber is dying to know what we told him, but she has to wait! I’m sure at some point today he told her what we said.

So my baby boy is growing up. Don’t worry, that fact hasn’t escaped me the last 12 years. At least he isn’t so grown up that he won’t let me take him to get a haircut. He’s been growing his hair out and was starting to look very, very bushy. I let him keep most of the length, it just got thinned down. It’s interesting watching hair grow out from a buzz cut. Really choppy and patchy, but he looks much better now. I was the one that encouraged him to let his hair grow out. Growing up, no one in my family had blond hair and I prayed for at least one blond child. His hair is such a perk for me! And the buzz cut that he insisted on for years was not doing anything for me. But now he loves his longer hair and will let me run my fingers through it on occasion.

Did I say yesterday that I was waiting for my new Walk At Home videos to come? Well they did and I was up at 6:20 this morning doing a new routine. It kicked my tushy that’s for sure, but I loved it. Okay, I hated the first 20 minutes and wondered if I could keep up, then the second 20 minutes I was like, “Bring it ON!” Then the third twenty minutes I was really glad she wasn’t bringin’ it on like she did in the second 20 minutes. But I loved, loved, loved it. And as I realized it was pouring rain outside, I was extra happy I had my videos to keep me walking.

And here’s a little time waster courtesy of Becca:
A – Available – Nope – married for 15 years
B – Best Friends – Jesus, hubby, mom and two in Alaska.

C – Crush – When since I was 16 have I not had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi?

D – Dad’s Name – Cecil

E – Easiest Person To Talk To – Tyler and my mom

F – Favorite Band – Third Day

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms – The bears I guess

H – Hometown – Born in Anchorage, AK – lived most of my life in a 40 mile vicinity – so I’ll claim there.

I – Instrument – I love to hear my kids play their violins.

J – Job – Full time stay at home, homeschoolin’ mom, supastar.

K – Kids – Dos

L – Longest Car Ride – When I was a kid, from Boise, Idaho to Ashville, North Carolina and back!

M – Milk Flavor – white, skim

N – Number Of Siblings – One younger brother.

O – One Wish – For this mess in the middle east to be over.

P – Phobias – I do not like to be tickled.

Q – Favorite Quote – “Forgetting what is behind and striving for what is before I press on to the mark of Christ.”

R – Reason To Smile – Mi Familia

S – Song You Last Heard – Whatever was on my Walk At Home video.

T – Time You Woke Up – 6:15 – but not out of bed until 6:20.

U – Unknown Fact About Me – I have a horrible, almost uncontrollable sweet tooth.

V – Vegetable – Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli

W – Worst Habits- Sucking air between my front teeth.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had – Many – I’ve broken my right arm twice.

Y – Your Favorite Food – Pizza

Z – Zodiac Sign – Leo the know it all.


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