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New kittens in the house

on August 3, 2008


Of the temporary version, that is. After what seemed like years of waiting (for the kids – lol) we finally got a call from the humane society and they said they had two little kitties that needed a foster home for a couple of weeks. I thought Amber was going to jump out of her skin. Austin . . . . . . well, he opted to stay home and rummage around at our neighborhood garage sales with one of his friends. Amber and I picked them up and to say they’re cute is an understatement.

They’re two months old and underweight. We also got to name them because the foster director was ticked off at the names they came in with – I guess they weren’t very nice. It’s funny . . . . . I’ve noticed humane society workers love animals, but detest irresponsible pet owners. Another soapbox for another day. Let’s just say I had forgotten what a ball of energy two kittens are.

And throw an over the top nervous chihuahua in the mix and it’s almost too much. But Belle started to settle down today. She’s very confused and spends a lot of time whining and poking at them. I was worried the kittens wouldn’t adjust to Belle. It’s the other way around – lol.

I will admit I momentarily thought it might be nice to have a couple of cats. That was before I had to clean out the kitty litter. No way, Jose. Keeping up with a neurotic chihuahua is as far as I go. My darling son had the nerve to tell me that I don’t have to clean the kitty litter everyday. Uh, what?? Like I WANT to live in a house that smells like a litter box? Tyler said, “Don’t even start, Austin, don’t even start.” Not to worry. My resolve is 100%. They’re cute, but not cute enough to get me over that dang kitty litter box! Temporary is fine. But not years of scooping poop and pee. Nope, not gonna do it!


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