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Our funniest Easter ever

on August 3, 2008


Oh my, our Easter was wonderful. Not one thing went wrong all day. Except I woke up with a very annoying pain where my appendix is. I’ll stop you right now – I am going to the doctor if it gets worse. I promise.

We had a very simple meal so the worst part of the preparation was the lovely cut I gave myself while chopping vegetables. And I did manage to fling some gravy on my shirt while I was making it, but I lived. My parents came over as did my brother, his wife and two children. Belle was pretty annoying – as usual – but she could have been a lot worse. She just doesn’t do too well with more than about 5 people in the house at one time. And even then it can be pretty iffy.
We truly had a wonderful time visiting, eating and the kids running around the house and outside. And then it happened. The event that will go down in our family’s history as probably the funniest thing ever to happen on Easter. The Easter Bunny arrived about 2:30 p.m.

Here’s what happened . . . . . . . Tyler has a friend whose wife dresses up like the Easter Bunny every year. They visit old folk’s homes, go to Easter egg hunts, etc. They happened to be very close to our house and called and asked if they could stop by. So instead of coming to the front door, she saw the kids in the back yard and went in the yard through the gate. The adults were sitting in the house and all of the sudden we heard my niece screaming. Kids scream, and when they’re outside it’s no big deal. Then Austin comes flying in the house and starts pointing at all the adults (still have no clue what that was about) and hid behind the couch. THEN my 7 year old nephew comes running in the house and tries to climb my brother like a tree. Needless to say, the Easter Bunny freaked them all out.

I hugged the Easter Bunny, but none of the kids would pose for their picture with her. OH you should have seen Belle. She was barking, had all the hair up on her back and was trying her very hardest not to let the bunny in the house. I was very impressed with how dogged her attempt was to save us all. Bless her annoying little heart.

Amber kept commenting about how freaky the Easter bunny looked and Austin was actually speechless when he came in the house. I have been waiting for this day for almost 12 1/2 years. If my son has any gift, it’s the gift of gab. For him to be rendered speechless is something I never thought would happen. My dad got so tickled at the whole melee that he couldn’t stop laughing. Then that made the adults laugh even harder. The whole incident was about 10 minutes long but I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter – we sure did! Also, we ordered a light therapy box for Amber today (and for me, too, if the truth be told) – it should be here by Wednesday. I really pray it will help her problems when the weather gets gloomy. Just today she said it should be illegal for it to rain on Easter. But it only rained this morning. My mom said if it helps Amber she’s getting one, too.

Have a fantastic day. Don’t eat too many egg salad sandwiches!!!


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