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Rubik’s Cube Mania

on August 3, 2008


I think I’ve recovered from this weekend. We missed church on Saturday night so we went to the Sunday night service. It’s called “Ascent” and the message is the same, but the music is rockin’!! Austin loved the music and I have to admit, it’s my favorite service. But due to Tyler’s work schedule, the only service he can be almost 100% sure of making is the 6:30 p.m on Saturday. He was off this Sunday.

A week ago Saturday Austin bought a Rubik’s cube. He had been obsessed with getting one and finally remembered to spend his money on that instead of something else. After he got it, he was obsessed with solving it. To add fuel to his fire, Amber had informed him that our 9 year old neighbor, Karlie (Amber’s bff) could solve one. When she told me that I said, “Are you sure?” She said, “Yes, she did it super fast. I even mixed it up really good for her.”

Well, that wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. I had learned from a kid in the class I teach that it’s really all about memorizing algorithms. Of course, when I heard Karlie could solve it, I figured her math teacher was brilliant and had spent time walking the kids through the steps. So I immediately felt like a homeschool failure. I should be teaching my kids things like that. OH! What else must they be missing as their mother muddles through life ineptly educating them!??!!??!

To say Austin became obsessed with solving it is an understatement. He had me look up videos on YouTube (his filter setting doesn’t allow him access to YouTube so I have to look for the videos he wants to see). He looked at other websites. He poured over the hints that came with the cube. Tyler helped since he’s the brains in this operation I call a marriage. And unlike me, Tyler had been able to solve it as a kid. Austin got the cube on Saturday and by Monday night he could solve it. I was amazed. We had Rubik’s cubes growing up, but it was just a presupposed issue that it would never be solved unless someone took it apart.

Last Monday night Austin and Amber were on the couch and Austin had successfully solved it for the second time. Amber nonchalantly looked over at him and said, “When I told you Karlie could solve it, did you think I meant the whole thing? I just meant one side.” Austin looked as if his whole reason for solving it had suddenly vanished. He was dead set on not letting some little girl beat him at ANYTHING. I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. Sad, but true. So much made sense after Amber remembered it correctly. But the best news of all was that I AM NOT A HOMESCHOOLING MOTHER FAILURE!!!! The next day I told Karlie the story and she laughed. I told her Austin could solve the whole thing now and she looked at him with the adoration and amazement he was looking for. They both think each other is gross right now, but I swear those two will end up married.

All that to say that Austin can now solve it in 3 minutes. I’m just amazed. The closest I’ve ever come is just sloving one side. And that was with all the attached pieces helter skelter – not even close to being in the proper place. He obviously got his dad’s brains!


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