The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time


on August 3, 2008


Yes, I had to take a moment and sigh tonight. My boy is growing up so fast. When you’re in the trenches of parenting (to me that’s birth to about age 8) it’s almost inconceivable that your kids can do anything without you. Oh sure, they can spend the night at a friend’s house. They can go on a vacation with their grandparents. They can take classes or be involved in activities without you. But the major stuff. The stuff where they could get seriously hurt if their mother isn’t bringing up the rear at all times . . . . . .well, you just don’t think they’ll not need you until they’re gone to college.

WRONG! My son is going to learn to snowboard tomorrow. Lessons and all. About two hours away from here at wonderful skiing resort. And he’ll be doing it all without me. I’ll be home taking advantage of the third day of our three day weekend. The youth department he’s in at church is having a ski day tomorrow. They provide the transportation – I only have to have him at church by 6:00 a.m. – good Lord help me! I just provide the money and the kid.

He’s so excited he can’t stand it. He has wanted to snowboard ever since we went to Mt. Bachelor two years ago. Of course all we were doing was tubing on the hill, but he thought the snowboarders were the coolest things ever. We were going to get him lessons last year, but we had to save money for our trip to Vegas (for Tyler’s sister’s wedding – not a weekend of Sin City) and Disneyland. He didn’t really care that he missed out last year; he was very excited about Disneyland. And quite frankly, skiing/snowboarding around here is NOT cheap. The best place within driving distance also happens to be a world class resort.

So off he goes tomorrow without his mom. I guess it’s just the first of many important/exciting events where I will be nowhere in sight. Over the years I’ve seen my mom yearn to be at exciting things I’ve done. In a healthy way, not in a wacko way. Now I get it. I even told him tonight I wish I could be there to take pictures. Thankfully my son just smiles, shakes his head as if to say, “Crazy, but sweet, old woman.”

I am trying not to hyperventilate over it all. I will never admit that I scoured the website of the resort looking for as much information as I could find. Does rental include a helmet? Who will make sure he gets to his lesson? Do I need to remind him what size of shoe he wears? Should I call and see if rental includes a helmet? Should I give him more money in case it doesn’t? What if he loses his gloves/hat/scarf? What if he’s too hot? Too cold? At least I keep all the neurotic thoughts to myself and only share them with my blog buddies.

I just think, “What would I tell another parent in my shoes?” I would tell them not to worry. He’s been to enough youth dep’t activities that I know they watch the kids very well; I truly do trust the youth pastor and everyone who helps out. So I will calm myself. And I’ll probably forget all of it in about half an hour.

In 1/2 hour two of my favorite guilty pleasure shows come on. “Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant” and “My Fair Brady” on VH1. These are reality shows that chronicle Scott Baio (bet you couldn’t have figured that one out) and Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch) and his insane wife. These are three of the most self involved people I have ever seen in my life – it’s a huge lesson on how NOT to live your life. Ahhhh, it’ll take my mind off my mommy anxiety!


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