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Something More

on August 3, 2008


This week’s theme is SOMETHING MORE . . . there are things and events in life that make such an impact and difference in the quality of our lives or enriching and fulfilling us as in a dream job or a special gift of little monetary value rich in sentiment . . . something more that was missing before.Elaborate as much or as little as you want!

1. My “something more” as a child . . . could be a special toy, a gift, a pet, a person, an event or whatever . . .
My something more as a child has followed me my whole life. It’s the love of my parents. I was just reflecting on that tonight. I was so completely loved (and am now) by my parents. They were not perfect by any definition, but I know from personal experience that love covers a multitude of sins. I work very, very hard to pass this amazing experience on to my children.

2. My “something more” as a teenager . . . a moment, a friend, a teacher, an event, a special piece of jewelry or whatever . . .
As a teenager it would have to be the niche I found in high school in the drama department. I even have a big, gold embossed sticker on my diploma proudly proclaiming me to be a member of the Thespian Society. I had so much fun being in plays and I was even the lead in one during my senior year. Very good memories, indeed.

3. “Something more” from my school days . . . a teacher, a class, an event, an accomplishment, a person, or whatever . . . that made a huge difference . . .
I’m going to include college in my school days. I went to Liberty University – the founder and chancellor was Dr. Jerry Falwell. To say this was a conservative joint is a gross understatement! But it was also the best years of my life pre-marriage. This may seem ridiculous, but it was there I learned that ads on t.v. can be misleading. Talk about a wake up call. I really thought the ads had to be somehow proven. Yeah, I was just a tad naive. Secondly, I remember one professor telling us to never just believe someone without doing your own research. I think he lectured an entire class on it. To this day I can’t stand it when people just blab and blab on and on because they heard something from someone else and never did their own research. And I’m talking in every arena – religious, political, educational, you name it. And my favorite pet peeve . . . . all the ridiculous e-mail forwards you get that are so untrue it’s laughable. C’mon people – think for yourself!!!!! Okay, off that rant for now.

4. My “something more” as an adult . . .
A bit of a no-brainer, but definitely the family I created with my husband. We took off from school today and had family day. It was so wonderful it’s beyond description. I can’t imagine where I’d be or what I’d be doing without them. The three of them bring me so much joy I can’t contain myself.

5. My future “something more” . . . something dreamed about but not yet achieved, accomplished, purchased or experienced
I can’t wait to see my kids married and be a grandma. Now if this isn’t the plan God has for their lives, I’ll be fine with it. I want His best for them, not what I might mistakenly think is the best. Just because I think I know what’s best doesn’t mean I know what’s best. But the whole grandma thing is really fun to think about.


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