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Superficial and . . . . . .ficial?

on August 3, 2008


Okay, so I don’t think if you take “super” off of superficial it gives you the opposite meaning of superficial. Sort of like the opposite of disgruntled isn’t gruntled. Or is it? Anyway, this blog is in two parts. One superficial and one not. I’ll do the not first.

The past couple of days God has just been amazing me with “God-things.” I have had two “bad” situations turn out to be humongous blessings! Not huge deals, but things that made me think, “Wow God, You really had to be working at that one for awhile, didn’t You?” But the biggest wow moment came today. Our blue beta fish was acting very strange last night. He had to be close to four years old and how long can those things live anyway? When we got up this morning he was dead. The fish happened to belong to my son. Who is a manly man on the outside, but can be very tender on the inside. His dead fish caused him quite a bit of heartache this morning. I let him go back to his bedroom to gather himself and Tyler had a sweet talk with him.

While he was still upstairs I sat down at the school table (also known as the dining room table that homeschool ate). I saw my new, cute little Bible. Someone then whispered to my heart, “Open it up to Psalm 50.” I immediately thought, “Am I crazy?” I decided if I’m crazy, then I’m crazy . . . . . . so just open up the Bible. I was reading and came across these verses: “for every animal of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird on the mountains and the creatures of the field are mine . . . . . for the world and everything in it is mine.” Then that same whisper told me to read the verses to Austin and tell him that God takes care of all the animals, even after they die.

I was awestruck. I have never had God just direct me to a passage of Scripture like that. Never. Yeah, I’ll remember verses I already know, but I never count that. This was truly inspired. When Austin came down, I read him the verses and told him what God told me. Then I added, “Isn’t God amazing? He wanted YOU to know everything was okay – He just needed me to tell you.” I went on a little more and the whole thing just made Austin cry. Oh how I hope he remembers today and the tender, loving care his Heavenly Father has for him. What an amazing day.

I decided he needed to get his mind off of it so I told him and Amber that we’d go on a surprise drive when they were done with school. We do surprise drives every once in a while. It can be anything – going to the movies, just going out to eat. One time we went to see the Christmas ships on the Columbia River – everyone hated that except me. Other times we’ve gone to the park to fly kites . . . . . just random stuff. Once I got free tickets to a play and we did that. So today we took drive about 30 minutes from here to a real, live, bonafide SONIC Drive-In!!! When we went to Disneyland last year we went to one and fell in love. We “knew” there were none in our area due to weather issues. Just last week my dad tells me they’re building one in our town. I got so excited that I went online and found out there’s one in Hillsboro, OR. We went there today and it was divine. Austin is just fine now – a watermelon slush will do that to a kid. And my strawberry limeade left me so content that I took a little nappy on the way home!

Okay, now for the superficial. Amber had wanted her room done in pink and black when she and Austin switch rooms this summer. I was at the fabric store (dangerous, I know) on my “work” evening that I complained about being sore from in my last blog. Anyhoo, I saw the cutest, most adorable bright pink and lime green fabric I had ever seen. And you know the best part – it was on sale!! $3.98/yd – down from $9.98+/yd. I was in 7th heaven. I came home, ran the idea by her, and now she’s going to have a pink and lime green bedroom.

We went to Ikea tonight – yes again, don’t get me started – to get her a comforter cover. It’s just hot pink/light pink. And they have the bed there we’re going to buy. We have to sell the monstrosity she calls her bed/desk/chest of drawers/bunk bed combo she has now. Tyler’s looking so forward to taking all of THAT apart and hauling it downstairs!

So that’s all from here. It’s supposed to be in the mid to upper 70’s this weekend – hallelujah! OH, speaking of hallelujah – did you see “Idol Gives Back” Tuesday night. They closed the show with the top 8 singing, “Shout to the Lord.” I was stunned and speechless. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. What an amazing moment


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