The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Ten Thought Tuesday

on August 3, 2008


So there’s 3 minutes left of Tuesday in my neck of the woods. . . . . . here I go.

1. I am on major kid overload. Thankfully they have their once a week classes out of the house tomorrow or I might just go nuts.

2. I’m going to a meeting tomorrow night. A lady at church is starting a support/outreach group for law enforcement wives. I’ve been asked to be on the leadership team, but I’m kind of nervous for a very strange reason.

3. Why do I stay up so late on school nights?

4. My husband is getting a head cold and has to go back to work tomorrow. Poor guy!

5. I hate taking the time to go to the bathroom.

6. There is nothing better in the world to drink that SoBe Lean Peach Tea.

7. I have severely dry skin. I can’t stand it.

8. I ordered new tennis shoes for a killer deal online and they came today. I love them.

9. I called the orthodontist today to get a mouth-guard for Austin. He’s starting to spar in karate. Tyler told me that the ortho would fit him for one. Nope, just come in and get one. I felt so stupid because I think I explained myself and the notion that he had to get fit for a mouth-guard for wayyyyyy too long to the very patient receptionist.

10. When driving said son to said karate tonight, I thought my glasses were dirty but really there was a strange fog/smoke/rain thing in the air. Very distracting when no matter how many times you tell yourself it’s not your glasses, your mind is still screaming, “CLEAN YOUR GLASSES!”


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