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What. A. Day.

on August 3, 2008


That’s the only way I can explain today. So I’ll take it from the top . . . . .

My “day” started out about 3:00 a.m., when I went to bed. I love, love, love, love, love, love staying up late. It is really high on my list of entertainment. Obviously I can’t do it during the week or my kids would have the worst education in the free world. So I stay up late Friday and Saturday nights. I slept in my daughter’s bottom bunk bed because Tyler was exhausted from work and I wanted him to have a good night’s sleep. I tend to thrash and talk in my sleep. On a side note, he had training yesterday that involved him getting shot at with wax bullets. He is covered it welty-bruises. One even broke through the skin. Just gross. And he’s sore from doing that for over 3 hours.

So the phone rings at 8:20 this morning. Are you kidding? Who calls that early on a Saturday?? Well, it was my dad. He and my mom had been on the Oregon coast in the town of Seaside since Tuesday. They love the coast and had stayed at a hotel right on the beach. About 5 minutes after they arrived, my dad got terribly sick. Um, the kind of sick that requires being near a bathroom at all times. And my poor mom had to take care of him during all of this. I’ve had this type of thing happen before when we were in San Diego a few years ago and I know just how debilitating it is. I talked to my mom on both Thursday and Friday and offered to bring their motorhome over and pick them up. Our version of a “life flight.”

This morning my dad told me he didn’t know how he was going to get home. So Tyler and I loaded up the kids and headed out. Austin was spending the night at a friend’s house and I had to pick him up earlier than he was planning on. I told his friend that next weekend they could make it up.

I wasn’t at all bothered in the change of our plans today because I love the coast. I have been to beaches in Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia. There is simply nothing like the Oregon coast. And the place where we met them at – actually Cannon Beach – is my favorite spot on my favorite beach. I was in heaven. No, the weather wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t raining and it was sunny. While we waited for them by the beach, I took a power walk and I was beside myself with joy. I made it almost all the way to Haystack Rock, but I was afraid my parents would be there and everyone would just be waiting on me. Plus the kids were starving.

When I saw my parents I was immediately glad we had come to get them. Both of them looked awful. My dad from being so sick and dehydrated and my mom from exhaustion. We had lunch at the kids favorite Seaside restaurant, Pig’N Pancake, and headed home. I drove my parent’s car because the last thing my mom needed to be doing was driving. We had a nice two-ish hour drive just by ourselves. We so rarely get uninterrupted girl time and this was really fun. Well, we were kind of interrupted – we were using walkie talkies to talk back and forth and the kids were beeping us like crazy until they both fell asleep.

My dad didn’t want to go to an urgent care facility once he got home. Of course the man was slurring his speech and couldn’t walk a straight line. No, he wasn’t sick at all! So I got ugly on him. In fact, I think there might have been yelling involved. And it all culminated with me telling him I wasn’t leaving his house until he went to the doctor. He went. He might be able to pull that garbage with my mom, but I can be a force to be reckoned with if left to my own devices. The dr. gave him some medicine and basically said he was exhausted from getting no sleep. Poor guy hasn’t been able to sleep since Tuesday afternoon for more than an hour here or there. He wasn’t overly dehydrated; that’s what really had me worried.

So while today was completely unexpected, it was completely wonderful. I have decided I want a second house in Cannon Beach – or even further down in Nehalem or Manzanita. I mean, I really, really want a house there. Of course the only second house we can afford right now is of the Barbie Dreamhouse variety. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Oh yeah, I am really, really tired tonight. Tyler and I watched “Becoming Jane” and I had to have him explain things to me more than once. I just couldn’t keep up. I don’t think I’ll be going to bed at 3:00 a.m. tonight!!


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