The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

What. Is. Wrong. With. ME??????

on August 3, 2008


I called my dentist a dork today. Yes, a dork. What is wrong with me??? The minute it came out I felt so stupid. A little background . . . . .

Let me start out by saying I unabashedly love our dentist. We first had him as a dentist at a very large practice. He moved on, but we had no idea where. We became more and more discontented with the whole Jabba the Clinic and wanted to find a new one. One day I was driving to the mall and one of the professional buildings had “********** Family Dentistry” plastered on it in gold letters. I called and yep, it was him. Our new family dentist had been found.

When we go in to see him, it’s always more like a social call than an actual dentist appointment. I’ve met his wife and kids, we’ve shared the horrors of parenting stories and he’s a total outdoors fisherman like Tyler. The last time I took the kids in I spent so much time talking to him Amber asked if we were friends. I said, “Well, I guess so.” I think it more has to do with both of us having the gift of gab.

Fast forward to today. He told me I’d have to come see him again because I have a small cavity. This is where things start to go wrong. I said, “You told me it was a small cavity last time! And all I got was (try to picture me making huge drilling sounds) wrrr, wrrr, wrrr.” While I said this, I was making my head roll all around – like it was getting the worst drill job in the universe. The hygenist was practically wetting her pants she was laughing so hard. So my dentist says, “What am I supposed to say? That it’s huge and it’s going to hurt like he**?” Then I said it. I said, “You dork. Just tell me how bad it really is so I can be prepared. So is it big or not?” He said, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” I might add he sounded exactly like my 12 year old son when he’s torturing his sister.

So I guess I’ll just prepare for the worst . . . . three shots of novocaine and a cavity the size of Crater Lake. ARG. In retrospect, maybe you shouldn’t make fun of someone who shoots you with novocaine and has the power to do unimaginable things to your teeth. If he says anything I’m going to tell him it’s payback for the time he told me he carved his initials in one of my cavities. I actually believed him for a split second. Yes, I really did.


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