The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Wonderful Wednesday

on August 3, 2008


Okay, here’s my entry from my book today – FDR was born on this day in 1882. He was a stamp collector. Do you collect anything (I am a genius at paraphrasing and brevity). My answer, no, I don’t collect anything. Any time I think it would be fun to start collecting something, I talk myself out of it. I would like to start collecting things with pugs on them, but all I can think of is how stupid it would look in my house. I also truly hate knickknacks. All they do is collect dust that I have to clean. So there’s another little piece of the Cheri puzzle when all put together will show how I tick.

But on to the big news of the day. Amber got her hair cut! Yesssss! Her hair has been driving both her and myself crazy. But I’ve been good at keeping my opinions to myself. She just couldn’t take it anymore and told me she wanted it cut. The lady who cuts her hair also happens to be the most fabulous neighbor in the history of neighbors, Jill. We share a fence and I call her my “backyard neighbor.” She has a salon in her house. And she is also the mother of one of Amber’s dearest friends in the world. So it all works out well.

We got over there and told her how Amber wanted it cut. JIll starts measuring Amber’s hair and informs us that she’ll be able to cut off 10 inches and we can donate it to Locks of Love. Amber immediately jumped at the chance! Amber’s hair is so thick that Jill divided it into 4 braids and cut them off. She is definitely excited to be donating her hair! And she looks so much older. She’ll be 10 two weeks from today. It’s hard to believe. And on that bittersweet note, I’ll end.


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