The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Burn baby burn!

on August 4, 2008


What’s that towering inferno I see? Oh, it’s just my arms. I got so sunburned today!!! Amber and I met some friends at a park and I was really digging the hot weather. Apparently, I was digging it too much. It just felt good to be so warm and I didn’t think the earlier-in-the-day sun would be so potent. I was wrong. That and I’m using medicated lotion for a skin condition that emphatically states it makes your skin more vulnerable to the effects of the sun. I guess part of me didn’t believe it. Well it does now. Ow, ow, ow, ow. I have visions of me having to sleep on the couch sitting upright with my arms on the outside of the blankets. And covered with kitties.

I’m blogging this while sitting at Barnes & Noble. I’m at an American Girl club meeting with Amber. Yikes! There must be 25-30 girls here. Pretty good attendance for summer. And speaking of American Girl, Amber and I saw the Kit Kittredge movie on Monday. It wasn’t all that bad. I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was. And now for your TMI moment of the day – it was the first day of THAT time and I was sick as a dog. We were the only two in the theater for the whole movie, so I put up the arm rests and laid out over four seats. I think it saved my life – lol. I couldn’t’t see the entire screen, but I didn’t really care. Amber thought it was cool that she could stand up and stretch any time she wanted. She even walked all over the theater. We talked to each other in normal voices and I think a few body noises escaped with wild abandon. We have no class.

It’s funny how your perspective on things changes as you age. Tyler asked me how the movie was and I said it was kind of depressing for an adult. I remember being a kid and my dad thought Little House on the Prairie was depressing. I thought he was nuts. Over the course of the past couple of years, Amber has managed to buy the entire LHOTP series. And watching some of them with her would bring thoughts to mind like, “Poor Pa! How are they going to eat??” And then a few episodes later I’d think, “OH MAN? Can’t Pa ever catch a break?” And when the episodes came on where Mary went blind? I couldn’t even watch those.

Kit Kittredge was along the same lines. It was the Depression and, without giving anything away, things go south in a hurry. For some reason, the Depression has always scared the mud out of me. And watching it made me uncomfortable. I think if our economy can withstand 9-11, it can withstand just about anything. But I still get scared now and again. Mostly because I’m an over emotional drama queen. I knew the movie would end on a happy note, and it did, but it did drag on a bit.

In other news, my BFF and her two kids from Alaska might be coming for a visit next week. I am so excited. But I realize she flies standby because her husband is a pilot so her trip isn’t guaranteed. I’m trying very hard not to get my hopes up too much!!

The kids and I are going over to Yakima this weekend to visit Grandpa, Grandma and the cousins. I guess I’m not content with the 90+ degree weather over here – I need to really bake in the eastern Washington sun. You can be SURE I’ll have the 50 spf on hand at all times. I wonder if they make anything stronger – lol.


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