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How I do it

on August 4, 2008


On a brief side note, Austin is watching Man Vs. Wild and I’m about to throw up – as usual.

Okay, there seems to be a lot of generalized amazement that I can give the foster kitties back. Here’s a few reason why I can do it . . . . .

First, my dog is beyond high maintenance. I know I told you all recently about having to buy her holistic dog food. Not that big of a problem. However, the dog food had little pieces of carrot and celery in it. She didn’t like them so she would spit them out all around her dog food dish. So I got to sweep/vacuum/pick that stuff up everyday. One more thing she adds to my life. I went back to the pet store and found yet another holistic dog food endorsed by yet another celebrity. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods All the while praying that there aren’t any vegetable pieces in it. It’s not like you can look at the food before you buy it. Thankfully, it’s just brown dog food – and she loves it.

Second, we like to camp, travel a little bit and visit Tyler’s family in Yakima. We’re planning on a two week vacation in October. And while dumping your chihuahua on someone for a vacation (or just taking her along on other trips) isn’t that big of deal, figuring out what do do with a cat – or cats – is another proposition altogether.

Third, we had MAJOR end of life issues with our pug. Major and expensive. I just don’t want to go through that again. It’s hard on your emotions as well as your bank account. The last couple of years of her life, Ginger easily cost us $2000, not including regular immunizations and food. After having her for nearly 10 years, it was a lot harder having to have her put to sleep that I thought it would be.

Fourth, did I mention my high maintenance dog yet?

Fifth, I just don’t want a cat. So this way, we get the warm fuzzies of having kitties around all the time. I think when you go into it knowing it’s temporary it helps. What also helps is my husband announcing tonight that he thinks he’s having allergy reactions to the cats. The brown one has the strangest cat hair I’ve ever seen. She has white hair on her chest and it’s curly, like a poodle. If it gets too bad, I’ll have to take them back and stick with short hair cats only.

Sixth, and probably the most convincing, I’m cheap and pets aren’t. We make a lot of sacrifices for me to be able to stay home and I guess lots of animals are just one of the things we’ve cut out of our budget. There was a time we had two dogs and a cat, another time we had guinea pigs . . . . we’ve had fish, pregnant snails and probably more I’ve blocked out of my mind. And I’m tired!!

So that’s a short list of why I’m able to give the kitties back. And it does make me feel good that I’m able to help another family have a great kitten. Like I’ve said, all the kittens we’ve had so far have been underweight for their age. So sad. And the bunch we have now came complete with fleas. Fleas in Washington? It had to be pretty bad. It’s fun to watch them blossom from what appears to be the results of very little or negative human attention into fun loving kittens who enjoy being around people.

And I like the people I’m getting to know at the Humane Society. Most of them are people I’d never probably run into in my regular life. Our church is really big on what can best be described as friendship evangelism. Just get to know someone, be their friend and see where God takes it from there. That’s the biggest reason I like going in and out of the Humane Society door. Who knows where it will lead?

Okay, Austin wants to go lay on the trampoline and watch the stars. When your 12 1/2 year old son asks you to do that, you jump. That and Man Vs. Wild is still about to make me barf. Get me outta here!


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