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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Lazy Summer Days?? HA!

on August 4, 2008


Whoever coined the phrase “lazy summer days” must have never had kids! Good grief, Charlie Brown. When was the last time I was too busy to be on Multiply (except for a blip here and there to keep up with my two friends who are due the middle of this month) for days on end?? I don’t remember. And now it’s 7:19 a.m. – I just got Amber out the door and I need to get in the shower before I wake Austin up and take him to his activities at church . . . . . . I’ll finish this in a bit.

Okay, it’s four hours later and I just finished my LAST house project I wanted to do for the summer. Woo Hoo!! Finally! I’m done with the kid’s rooms (they both are just waiting on one thing to finish them completely), I’ve taken two or three huge loads to Goodwill. The Goodwill process takes a bit. We write down everything we give them, take pictures of the pile and then Tyler inputs in into some program that’s used to deduct the total from our taxes. Last year was pretty good so we’re not stopping now. That adds a lot of time!! But he took the last major load over there this morning.

I finally organized two shelves in our hall closet. They were pathetic. There was stuff in there that wasn’t just old, it was so old it had changed colors. I’m talking about medicines and soap stuff. It was just plain gross. My husband is a saver by nature and I’m not. I think I’ve broken him out of some of his pack rat ways – I sure hope so. I hate having stuff around that never gets used.

We went to McMinville, OR and Tillamook, OR on Saturday with my inlaws. It was really fun and nice to escape the 102 degree heat wave we were having over here. I think I only saw it get up to 80 on the coast. Well, McMinville isn’t the coast, but Tillamook is.

The reason we went to McMinville is because that’s where the Evergreen Aviation Museum is. And that museum happens to house the Spruce Goose. I knew it was big. My mind has told me forever that it’s big. This thing was stinkin’ huge. Then it was off to the north and west to hit up Tillamook and the famous Tillamook Cheese factory. We’d never been there on a Saturday so we didn’t know that the production lines are close on Saturday and Sunday. So none of the Yakima people got to see the cheese on the conveyor belts and getting packaged. Did I mention how good the ice cream was??

And over the weekend, one of my sweetest, dearest friends was crowned the new Mrs. Alaska. I so knew she was going to win – she’s the whole package, baby! She and her husband didn’t take a camera to the pageant because she was convinced she wasn’t going to win. Good thing the pageant takes pictures as does the local newspaper.

Tyler and I tested fate and decided to go on another date yesterday afternoon! No casualties – in fact, quite the opposite. We had no plans on where to eat, but we were in downtown Portland and there’s a restaurant on every corner. We ended up at my favorite Greek Cusina. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . what a good thing. Their hummus alone is enough to bring a tear to the eye.

Okay – drum roll please . . . . . . . . . I am FINALLY getting to do what I’ve decided to devote most of my summer to. QUILTING! I decided I needed to work before I could play this summer and the work is ovah!!! Such a good feeling. I have two quilt projects I really want to get done. One is over half finished (and has been that way for probably 5+ years) and I have all the fabric for the other – it’s just never been started. I would actually like to get these done so I can enter them in the fair. Either the county fair here or the biggie up in Puyallup – we’ll see!


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