The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Recent reflections

on August 4, 2008


When my mom went to her radiation appointment today she found out they have to adjust the amount of radiation she’s getting – because the field of treatment is getting smaller. Praise our sweet, sweet Lord. Of course we won’t know the complete prognosis for awhile, but I think this is her last week of radiation. Once they assess that, they’ll determine when she starts her next round of chemo.

We went over today and she’s doing great. She found out the weakness and pain she’s having in her legs is from a lack of potassium. She researched foods that are high in potassium and has been eating those – she already feels better. She’s so good about it. If it were me I’d just roll into the nearest health food store and buy a big ‘ol potassium pill. And probably overdose in the process.

Getting Austin checked in for camp was the expected chaos. Imagine 200 kids, at least one of their parents and all the accompanying luggage. Oy. When we drove in it looked like some sort of rock concert. Even Austin was shocked and next to nothing shocks that kid. I got him off and managed not to kiss or hug him in front of just about everyone he knows. We did that earlier at home.

Amber is enjoying the house to herself. She has been in the BEST mood – lol. I guess if I had a pushy big brother around all the time I’d probably enjoy the break as well. And we had her bff over for dinner tonight, complete with a surprise drive to rent “College Road Trip.” We have one of those “Red Box” movie rental things at our local McDonald’s. And we had a coupon so the movie didn’t cost $1, it was 88 cents. We are nothing if not extremely cheap.

She’s been dying (insert a heavy dose of drama here) to see that movie. Tyler joined the three of us to watch it and I have to admit, it was pretty cute. Especially the story line of the overprotective dad who’s also a cop. Gulp. Poor Amber!

Okay, I have to get two days of my Bible study done each day this week. That way I’ll have this week’s done and when we go camping next week, I won’t have to do it – it’ll already be done. Oh sure, I could always take it with me. But we both know how much would get done. Maybe 3 pages – 4 if I really tried. Best to do it now. And I’m almost done with today’s assignment!! Off to finish it.


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