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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

The boy leaves in the morning

on August 4, 2008


Okay, it’s not a good thing for my son to leave for a week at summer camp when I’m sick. I get soooooooooooo emotional when I’m sick. And longwinded. I told him tonight how excited I was for all the fun he’s going to have this week. And I am. I just wonder at what point he was thinking I might have drunk too much Nyquil.

Not much going on today. Just trying to not get sicker. Amber’s ear hurt last night at 10:00. Of course it did. These things never happen on a weekday at 10 AM!!! I put garlic drops in along with liquid pain drops. This morning she said it didn’t hurt but it still felt plugged up. So off we went to the same day clinic that is thankfully open on the weekends. When the doctor looked at her left ear her eyes got really big and she said, “That doesn’t hurt?” Nope! My kids ears rarely hurt when they have ear infections. And if they do, you know it’s full blown. When they were really little I think the doctors didn’t believe me that the kids weren’t complaining about their ears long before I took them in. Like I’m some sort of white trash mom who just lets her kids scream while I knock back another fifth of Jack Daniels. So she’s on antibiotics but was feeling well enough to go play with the neighbor.

So while we were waiting at Target for the rx to get filled, we looked at digital cameras. Amber wants one BAD!! And her friend that visited from Alaska has one and that just makes it worse. We found one she actually has enough money for if we can get it cheaper on Ebay. We’re bidding on one now and she is on pins and needles. Mostly because it’s pink. And we bought her some cool girly deodorant. Only for the love of everything that’s holy, don’t tell anyone. And DON’T hold it up at counter level when you’re paying for it. I guess the cashier and I were just supposed to nod, wink and click our tongues in a secret code that would communicate just what I was buying. AND DON’T let Dad or Austin see it. Bless her heart, I completely understand. I was exactly the same way. Exactly. I even begged my mom not to tell my dad when I got my training bra (how’s that for a blast from the past??). I’m sure she’ll be the same. And I won’t tell her dad. I’ll just tell all of you!

Then I came home and did about six loads of laundry. And got Austin packed for camp; he packed, I mostly supervised . . . . just to be sure he didn’t end up with one pair of pants and 11 pair of underwear. Then I made two homemade pizzas – even the dough was from scratch. I kept wondering when I could cash in my sick leave . . . . . but Tyler did do the dinner dishes for me and folded/put away all the laundry.

We ate dinner outside and then laid on the grass while Belle chased Austin like a lunatic. I think I got some of it on video. She even chased Amber, too. OH! AND GUESS WHAT??? Belle has always had teeth issues. Lots of gunk built up on her teeth – just awful and my former vet wanted me to do a “dental” every time we brought her in. Do you know how much a “dental” is? Freakin’ $183 dollars!! I’d always lie and say I’d do it later. Our new vet showed me how I could just pick most of it off myself with my fingernails. I was completely down with that – too bad my dog wasn’t. She turned into a tasmanian devil if I even so much as looked like I might be going for her teeth.

So as she’s running around tonight she laid by me and was panting. I had full view of her teeth. Guess what? Every single bit of her dental build up is gone. Completely gone. Chalk another one up for natural dog food. It’s the only explanation I have. Nothing in her life has changed except the dog food. Click here for the link to what I feed her. If you are having any issues with your dog or cat in regards to their coat, skin or teeth, you might want to try this stuff for awhile and see what happens. I get it at Petco.

Okay, Austin’s in bed and I need to be, too. Have a wonderful Monday!


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