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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

He came home with nunchuks

on August 12, 2008

Only don’t call them nunchuks – that’s slang. The proper term is “nunchaku.” Don’t say “nunchuck” within hearing distance of my son or you’ll be immediately corrected. Now I know how he feels every time I say “brought” whenever he says “brung.”

Okay, okay, when he signed up in this school, I knew it was Okinawan martial arts and they use weapons. But it never really got to me. He’s still two belts away from getting his first weapon, a bow staff. However, the first time he sparred I nearly fell over. He has all the pads to keep himself safe and they have very strict sparring rules. But still. When you see your son sparring a second degree black belt. Well, it gives you pause to say the least.

Here he is with the prized nun-things.

This is an effect on my camera that’s supposed to “express speed of subject in motion.” I don’t think I really figured out how to use that setting. In fact, I didn’t even know it was ON that setting.

I got a pedicure with Amber and we had fun. I used the rest of my birthday money for a girls afternoon out. Have you ever noticed how people like kids better than adults? Not only did the lady paint flowers on Amber’s big toes for free, the flowers are better than anything I’ve ever paid for!! I’ve got to remember this lady for when we go to Orlando. I allow myself about 3 pedicures a year and I’ve already had two. But I won’t need one for a while because I got the guy who clips my toenails so short they look like Chiclets. But at least once they grow out all I have to do is change the polish myself. They won’t be too long probably until we leave in October! Here’s our toesies:

The marks on Amber’s foot are from where she was sitting on the chair before I took the picture. And my annual racing stripes from my sandals are back. They never really went away over the winter. But I did manage to burn the white part when we went camping. Note to self: Sunscreen is a thing to be embraced.


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