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The smell of French toast in the morning

on August 20, 2008

(I knew I’d better capitalize “French” or the spell checker would tell me it needed capitalized. I have issues with spell checker.)

Amber wanted something warm for breakfast and we’re out of her favorite oatmeal. Yes, I make the instant flavored stuff from the packets – deal with it. So I suggested French toast. We’re still hanging on to the last days of summer when I have plenty of time in the morning to labor over breakfast. Granted, we homeschool so I could labor over breakfast every morning if I wanted to. BUT making an elaborate breakfast followed up by teaching school? Not exactly appealing.

After her brother got up, he had his helping of the delightful breakfast. When he was done I went to get myself a piece. It was all gone. What?? I made five of them. Well, Amber had two and Austin had three. I think I came to the realization that Austin is entering the phase of life that requires massive amounts of food to keep him full. Great.

Why did I think I could escape this? Granted, he’s in martial arts at least twice a week, is as active as all get out otherwise and I’m sure, is in a growth spurt . . . . . . . . again. About a week ago he was convinced he had grown – well, he had. Just 1/2 inch, but that puts him within 1 inch of me! When I hug him now I can lay my head on his shoulder, which is very broad like his dad’s. I love it.

What I don’t love is the attitude that has come along with the dawn of the teen years. I was really upset on Sunday about his behavior and unloaded all over my Bible study leader that night. She has two sons who are 18 and 28 – and she wasn’t phased. So I didn’t feel too bad. We prayed for him and me in class. And while I was gone, Tyler had a “Dad Talk” with him. “Dad Talks” tend to happen when I’m gone and I’m sure it’s for my benefit. When I got home, Austin apologized and has been nearly perfect since then.

We found out last night that he gets to test for his next belt in karate this Friday night. I’m so proud of him. He struggles a bit with the vocabulary he has to know and talked about it with his sensei last night. I wanted to add that if he spent as much time on vocabulary as he did with video games, he’d know perfectly. But I kept my comments to myself. In fact I was just about to tell him to break out the ol‘ vocabulary book and a friend called for him to come over. Knowing Austin, he’ll do the vocabulary just fine.

And that’s about it from the kingdom of What is it NOW. I’m obsessing over getting some window mistreatments up. I need to get some school stuff rounded up and under control. Maybe I’ll reward myself tomorrow for getting everything done today (there’s your daily dose of positive mental attitude) and get something up on these windows downstairs!


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