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Don’t ever let me make turkey curry pasta salad again!

on August 24, 2008

I sorta revamped a recipe from and made a turkey curry bow tie pasta salad yesterday afternoon. I used to think I didn’t like curry. I think because my mom doesn’t like it I always thought I didn’t like it, either. Well, I was helping my neighbor out of a nanny-jam a few months ago and she had chicken curry salad in the fridge. It looked good so I tried it. It wasn’t just good, it was fantastic. Then awhile later we went to a buffet style restaurant and they had a chicken curry salad, too. Let’s just say I made more than one trip to the salad bar.

The recipe yesterday was huge, which is a good thing because if not, Tyler wouldn’t have gotten any. I had it for lunch, dinner, evening snack, breakfast and lunch today. I overdosed to say the least. Now it’s just sitting in my stomach like cement. Ugh. Obviously self-control is something I need to look in to.

Click here for the link to the recipe. I already had cooked turkey on hand so I made the curry, lemon juice and a fraction of the oil into a paste and stir-fried the turkey for a few minutes in the paste. I also substituted a cup of frozen petite peas for the snap peas. Oh, and I added some Craisins. Even though I’m stuffed, I’m craving it again. Too bad . . . . . it’s all gone.


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