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I feel an emotional blog comin’ on . . . . .

on August 26, 2008

The past 19 hours or so have been very emotional . . . . but in a good way. All thanks to Facebook. Cuz I’m really deep.

I was perusing the site late last night and “chatting” with a girl I probably haven’t physically seen since 1984. She had been very good friends with my sister-in-law who is now my BFF. It was fun talking to her so I thought I’d think real hard and pull some names up from many years gone by. The first name I thought of was a dear college roommate. I typed her name in and voila – there she was. I was immediately choked up at seeing her, her husband and daughter in living color on my monitor. Ya’ll (okay, so I’m not from the south, but I went to college in the south so I’m allowed one “ya’ll” a year), I love technology. Me and Kip. You have to have zero life to get that last statement.

I immediately thought it couldn’t get any better . . . . until I typed in our other roommate’s name from that year and she appeared as well. Did I mention these two are sisters? I figured if I could find one, I could find the other.

Why all the emotion over a couple of roommates from the late 80’s? Well, let me put it this way. You have friends in college and then you have roommates. And if you’re lucky, you end up sharing way more than just a dorm room with your roomies. Such was the case with Lisa and Deana (all names changed to protect the innocent). They introduced me to a world that my 20 year old self had never thought of . . . . . a community of people who had left their home country because of being persecuted for Christ. My friends were/are Romanian. They were old enough when they left Romania to remember leaving and the hardships they endured both in their home country and then starting all over again in America.

Talk about having my viewpoint of the world in general shaken up. And another aspect of their friendship is that I met many, many Romanians that were also attending our university. Meeting and becoming friends with those students remains one of my most cherished college experiences. I can’t hear the word “Romania” and not have a catch in my throat. We were attending college the same time Ceauşescu was imprisoned and killed. It was a very emotional time for all of them.

Here’s one story after the revolution and death of Ceauşescu I will never forget . . . . We went to chapel every M, W, F and the stage had all the flags of the different countries that had students attending. I remember right after Romania’s liberation from that horrid dictator one of my friends stormed the stage (before chapel actually started . . . . we were a pretty tame bunch) and cut out the Soviet insignia on the Romanian flag. All to the wild cheering of his fellow Romanians – and me.

Something happened in 1995 and I lost contact with a lot of old friends. What could it have been? What could it have been? OH!! It was the arrival of Hurricane Austin. And this was pre-internet explosion and none of us had really even heard of e-mail. So getting in contact again with Lisa and Deana is something I truly cherish. Even though my son made fun of me for tearing up while looking at Facebook, I’ll be okay. And supremely happy!


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