The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Pointless Monday

on August 26, 2008

Well my entire day wasn’t pointless. But what I just spent the last 30+ minutes on was pretty pointless. But, hey, it makes a great blog entry so who am I to judge myself? Thanks to Amy at The King’s Table, I can now see what I would have looked like in any era courtesy of Yearbook Yourself. And since I think it’s freakinhilarious, here are some of mine . . . . . .

1952 – Don’t you love the pearls?

1968 – My neck has never been this long. I have a stump for a neck . . . .

1976 – I’m about 500% sure there’s a real picture of me somewhere with this exact hairdo.

1978 – Finally! A picture for girls with naturally curly hair!

1984 – Now we’re back to my neck. And as for the hair, everyone my age knows how you got that look . . . . a perm and a teeny-tiny curling iron.
1994 – A few things about this year. I was married, had no children, worked part-time and clearly had too much time on my hands. Needless to say, I actually had this hairdo. Only mine was shoulder length. But it was short lived . . . . I went back to short hair in preparation of having a baby in 1995 🙂

And for my closing remarks . . . . the following picture is supposed to be from 2000. And while I do like the overall effect, it proves a point I try to make to people. What is that point? Simply stated it is this: I should never, ever in a million years, go blond.

See my point? Okay, if not, I’ll point the two points out to you. They’re my eyebrows. And while I have managed to tame them in my 30’s (unlike in my 20’s), I just can’t stomach the thought of my dark brown brows with platinum blond hair. So there. And as always, it comes back to the eyebrows!


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