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‘Fro Me To You – Palm Springs

on August 28, 2008
Ya know, each week as I thoughtfully prepare my ‘Fro entry, part of me is angry at Kristen. How dare she make me relive such atrocities of my past. Then the other part of me is mad at myself for loving it so much.
Imagine if you will, it’s November 1994. You and your husband are on an all expense paid trip to the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, CA. You’re on your second honeymoon in a sense because just 2 1/2 years ago you were in the same city on your first honeymoon. Yep, Palm Springs in August. We were really thinkin‘ on that one.

So to commemorate your second honeymoon, you decide to . . . well . . . sexy the hair up. How do you do that? First, you run to Wal-Mart, purchase some Miss Clairol and go about 10 shades lighter than your normal “boring brown” hair. You gasp as your get out of the shower upon first seeing how orangy it is, but undaunted you press on. Second, you pay an arm an a LEG at the resort salon to get an awesome ‘do. What you forget is that Palm Springs caters to the nearly dead mature crowd. At the time, I was 25. I pretty much ended up with a hairstyle a grandma would wear.

Me with light orange hair is no longer an option. But, hey, something worked. Because this trip will always be known as the trip where we threw away the birth control! Woot! And literally nine months and six weeks later our son was born.


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