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My Worst Parenting Mistake Ever

on August 30, 2008

The Domestic Spaz is having a unique blog carnival. All of us are to share the worst thing we’ve ever done as a parent. I’ve had a few . . . . . such as asking my 4 year old son, “Do you really WANT to go to hell?” He tells me now (he’s almost 13) he doesn’t remember me saying it. But I have had one shining example that pales every horrible thing I’ve ever done as a mom.

I was on the computer and my daughter wanted something to snack on. I had shelled peanuts so I started giving them to her. (Just so you all know, I’m starting to cry at my own stupidity, it still gets me 9 1/2 years later.) My darling earth-angel was 14 months old at the time. I know, I know . . . . I can hear you all yelling at me. And, of course, she choked on one. I started freaking out, but she was coughing and still breathing so I thought all was well. When I ran into the bathroom with her and the moment had passed, I looked in the mirror. I’m naturally the color of mayonnaise, but I was even whiter at that moment. It’s something I’ve never forgotten.

Oh . . . . . . if only it ended there. Amber had been very sick all winter long and she was sick when the peanut incident happened. But a few days later she stared wheezing. I took her to the doctor and they put her on yet another antibiotic for bronchitis. The wheezing never got any better. She had to get an x-ray which ended up being a whole other blog . . . . but there seemed to be pneumonia in her lung.

BACK to the pediatrician for inhaler treatments. I was informed that if the wheezing didn’t get any better after the 4th inhaler treatment, she needed to be admitted to the hospital. It didn’t get any better so off to the hospital we went. I had mentioned the choking incident, but no one seemed too concerned.

After we got to the hospital a pediatric pulmonologist listened to her tiny chest with a stethoscope that had two diaphragms instead of one. He listened to her for about .5 seconds and said, “She has an obstruction in her lung.” It was the peanut. It had lodged itself in the upper left lobe of her lung.

So she got to have surgery. They inserted a tube down her throat along with a camera and long tweezers. The surgeon told me if the peanut had deteriorated they would have to fill her lung with liquid and suck everything out. Thankfully, the peanut was perfectly intact and he got it all.

I, of course, was doing nothing but raking myself over the coals. The surgeon looked at me and said, “I have taken everything you can imagine out of lungs . . . . Legos, you name it.” That made me feel a shred better.

Handing my screaming baby over to the anesthesia nurses was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. One of my friends who was there described me as overwrought. Yeah, that would pretty much describe it.

The surgery was a complete success and, best of all, I was not reported to Child Protective Services.

And now I have to go have another good cry over it.


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