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A Big Day for Me

on September 1, 2008

Yeah, today was kind of a big deal for me. Even if only in my mind. Today was the day I was featured member of the week on We Are THAT Family’s blog. Kristen’s blog is the one that made me move from Multiply to Blogger. Blogging, and actually getting to your blog, is much easier on Blogger. I still blog on Multiply . . . . . some of those poor people know my deepest, darkest secrets thanks to the feature that allows you to choose who can view your blog. I’ll never be able to leave those ladies . . . . and Steve. And Multiply holds my video directing debut which is titled, “My Dog is Going to Hell.” You just can’t desert memories like that.

There are three blogs that have kinda changed my blog life. They are the one I mentioned above, Because I Said So, and Rocks In My Dryer. I have others I enjoy for the same reasons, but I found these three blogs around the same time I ventured outside of Multiply and my blogging was transformed . . . . and a bit validated. Okay, okay, I’ll get to my point. Here it is . . . . . .

I love these blogs because they are real. Society, and more specifically the body of Christ, doesn’t need to hear another story of mind-numbing perfection. And the older I get and the more experiences under my belt, I’ve learned that perfection is usually packed with only parts of a story, half-truths and flat out lies. Shiny, plastic people benefit no one.

As a mom, I need to hear that I don’t own the only almost-13 year old with an attitude. I don’t need to hear that someone potty trained their toddler-bot in 6 hours. As a wife, I need to hear that someone else’s husband was a caveman for a few hours. As a Christian, I need to hear that someone fell flat on their spiritual face in the Wal-Mart parking lot (I think the parking lot at Wal-Mart could make even the Apostle Paul rethink his “rejoice in the Lord always”).

I have watched the Steven Curtis Chapman family as much as they have allowed since the death of their youngest daughter, Maria. They have blown me away. They admit all they want is their daughter and sister back. They admit that they didn’t know if Steven would ever sing again. They admit they wanted to sell their house. Never ONCE did I hear, “Glory to God for taking our daughter. All things happen for good . . . . . ” Yet they have inspired me in faith like very few others have. They don’t have a shiny, plastic faith. They have a faith that sustains them in unbelievable tragedy and I think that’s exactly what people need to see.

I have a passion to be real – and to see real people. Guess what? I color my hair myself. I ate too much at the party we went to today. I forgot to have my devotions today. I’m not exactly ready to start homeschooling on Tuesday. I kicked my son in the knee tonight . . . . I didn’t mean to, but I still did it. And I didn’t feel bad. I’m in the middle of my PMS week and it takes next to nothing irritate me.

And I got to watch a Veggie Tales dvd with a two year old today. I got to get warm fuzzies over the three new foster kitties we have (I named one of them Palin!!). I did a couple of things today that made my daughter think I’m the bomb. I reflected on the ways God has shown me He’s my Superhero in the last few months – and I got goosebumps. I took the time to visit with my neighbor. And I sang a bunch of Casting Crown and Third Day songs to the top of my lungs, praising my Lord with wild abandon.

So a little sour, a little sweet and hopefully, completely real.


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