The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

First Day of School, Costco, and Sarah Palin

on September 2, 2008

The kiddos were actually happy this morning as we started school. Well, Austin didn’t like the shorts he had on so he wanted me to cut them out of the picture. And he wasn’t thrilled about the shirt, either. I can’t imagine the drama if he actually had to leave the house!

Since I’m the world’s best homeschool mom, I had been spending the last week simultaneously procrastinating getting ready and flat out dreading the school year to come. Mostly dreading this year because last year was so difficult. In October I had some serious personal issues come up that left me emotionally vacant. Then, just as I was starting to feel some sort of relief from that, my mom was diagnosed with cancer in late April. For almost a year, I haven’t been in the best place all the time. But this summer was wonderful and healing and I feel better than ever.

And I shouldn’t have dreaded everything so much. Today was actually quite great. I had to establish dominance over my he-man child early on in the morning and things went pretty good from there. In fact, the kids were extremely happy, very mellow and went over and above the call of duty at Costco.

Yes Costco. I thought it would be a great day to go. All the kids are in school and life would be back to normal. At an earlier stop before Costco I found out school starts tomorrow. So guess what the Costco parking lot looked like? Yeah, like the looters after Katrina. I almost left, but the kids needed food for tomorrow. They’ll be staying for lunch on Wednesdays when they take their classes.

So I’m losing my mind just trying to find a parking spot. After we’re parked my purse decided to fall over and spill. I was just bending over to pick it up and there’s a frantic knock on the car window. I look up and it’s my daughter. She just wanted to wave hello. Uh, had I not just seen her . . . . well . . . . there’s not even a term called “no loss of contact.” So I made a hasty wave and while still trying to scoop up my purse innards, the kids decide to start playing drums on the trunk of the car. Did I mention this is my pms week?

The kids were great in the store that I told them was, “a real, living hell.” They put only approved items in the cart, didn’t wander off and didn’t ask for anything. It was a tad difficult getting through Costco because Amber decided she needed to be standing right next to me, holding on to the cart at all times. The thing is, she doesn’t always pay attention to where I’m going. So not only do I have to push a heavy cart around, I have to lug her, too. She’s 10 1/2 and almost 5 feet tall – not always an easy task. But after I emptied the cart into the car she did take the cart back for me.

Okay, Sarah Palin. Here’s my two cents. Her daughter is neither the first nor the last 17 year old to get pregnant. Do I think it’s great? No. Do I think it’s any of my business? No. Do I think teenagers make great parents? Not always. Do I believe with everything I have that God is more than able to make this a great – although not painless – family experience? Yes. Do I think sex outside of marriage is wrong? Yes. Let’s just say this is how I see it: It takes the same blood of Jesus to forgive someone for sex outside of marriage as it takes to forgive someone else for having a prideful attitude that they weren’t having sex at 17.


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