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Straight From My Heart Sunday

on September 7, 2008
I was in the bathroom washing my face and I had something I just HAD to get off my chest and onto a blog. I was thinking of a title and one thing led to another and I came up with “Straight From My Heart Sunday.” I even made the little thingy up above with the help of Photobucket. I’m sure the title is running around somewhere else in the blogosphere and if I copied anyone, it is purely unintentional.

Okay, here’s my declarative statement for this week (can you tell I’m teaching school again): I could never seriously be in politics.

As you all know, the past 10 days has been quite a ride for this Alaska girl. My homegirl with whom I share so much in common is the vice presidential nominee. The attacks on her daughter have been heartbreaking. But it never really seemed real to me because I don’t personally know the Palins . . . . . . it was just sorta “out there.” And that kind of notoriety is not something I have ever imagined in my life.

But today it became real when I clicked on this news article on The pastor mentioned in this article is not the one on all the YouTube videos. The pastor in the Foxnews article, Larry Kroon, was our pastor when Tyler and I lived in Wasilla from May 1996 – August 1998. The Palins were not members of that church then – they joined in 2002.

Pastor Kroon is an amazing and godly man. Both my life and Tyler’s life was forever changed as a result of sitting under his teaching for over two years. When we moved closer to Tyler’s job in 1998 we even contemplated still going to church there, but it was just too far for us to stay as involved as we were. I will say for the remaining 5 1/2 years we were in Alaska I regretted not being able to attend Wasilla Bible Church.

I can’t imagine the scrutiny Pastor Kroon is going to come under for having a belief that is not that of the mainstream media. This is the same man I watched suffer through his daughter’s liver disease, waiting for a donor liver. And when they did have a match, they missed the call. The cell phone wasn’t heard because at the moment the call came, the family was in the middle of an extremely loud school gymnasium celebrating that daughter’s basketball team winning the state championship. She did eventually get another liver, but the disappointment and shock was unbelievable. But, glory to God, she was able to go on and do this.

Maybe it’s the wimp in me, but I would feel HORRIBLE that people were being eaten alive by the media just because they know me. I grew up in a conservative fundamental Baptist church, so I do guilt really, really well – thankfully I’m getting much better. I know it takes all types to make up this world and I’m thankful there are people out there like Sarah Palin who are strong. Strong enough to know right from wrong and try to make a difference in the world. I’m just saying I could never do it. I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay emotional. One nasty reporter would probably send me over the edge. And if my family got attacked? It would be all over.

So I’ll just stick to my family and my 4th & 5th graders at church. I seem to have a pretty high approval rating from them.


One response to “Straight From My Heart Sunday

  1. You have a beautiful gift for expressing your thoughts…keep it up. You are making a difference in the world!

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