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Fro Me To You

on September 11, 2008
The year was 1995. I had just been hit by a Mack truck . . . . or so it seemed. Actually, I had just given birth to my 9′ 4″ son via a somewhat emergency c-section. After they induced me and broke my water, Austin decided to do some acrobatics. He ended up head up (he was originally in the correct position) with one foot over his head and the other down the birth canal. He needed to get out and get out quick.

After he was born, the fun didn’t end there. He cried non-stop unless I was holding him. This lasted roughly 14 months. I had NO CLUE what I was in for in this picture, which was taken in the hospital three days after he was born. We went home at some point this day and I did manage to get dressed.

What I remember from this picture is that I thought I looked good. Not just good, I’m talking celebrity photo shoot good. As I was doing my required laps around the maternity ward, I honestly remember thinking that I looked so fantastic that the other moms were probably jealous. Oh to be 26 again. When I got these pictures back (long before the day of digital cameras) I was shocked at how washed out and exhausted I looked. I’m naturally very pale, but I look downright anemic in this picture. But hey, at least I had done my hair!

I’ll also mention that this was the last time Austin took a pacifier until he was 10 months old. I was his pacifier until I weaned him at 9 months. I did it in celebration of my birthday that year. I woke up one morning and proclaimed that the Cheri Dairy was closed for business. Austin was not thrilled.

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