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Works For Me Wednesday – Kitchen Organization

on October 1, 2008

I posted this last fall and it’s still one of the best tips I’ve ever gotten!!!

Watching all those years of HGTV finally paid off for me a few years ago. After sooooooooo many projects on there that I:

  1. Couldn’t afford
  2. Didn’t have the space
  3. Didn’t have the time
  4. Didn’t have the talent
  5. All of the above

I finally found something that would work for me!! On some episode about organizing something, the professional told the peon that all she needed to organize her storage containers was plastic baskets. WHAT??? I was in shock. The cabinet my storage containers were in was in a constant state of “just been hit by a tornado.” It was embarrassing.

Well, I took the professionals advice. I broke out the measuring tape and made myself a little trip to K-Mart. Yes, they still exist. And here’s what I came up with. It’s the BEST organization idea because it seems to be the only one I can stick to.

Join the “Works For Me Wednesday” fun over at We are THAT Family.


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