The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

In Which Caroline and Cheri Go Cruising

on October 2, 2008
Cheri and Caroline in 1991 -yes, we even dressed alike.

Well, at least I hope we get to go on a cruise! This is our official entry into the Girl’s Get-a-way Cruise. The website says to tell them why we NEED a girl’s getaway vacation. So here goes . . . .

I guess I need to rewind a bit. Caroline and I met in 1990 when we were both attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. It was our senior year and we were living in the same dorm. I honestly cannot recall the first time we met, or even how we became friends. We became good friends so quickly it was as if I’d known her for years.

We couldn’t have been more different. She is originally from the UK and has the most beautiful accent you’ve ever heard. I am from Alaska. For some reason her refinement and my, uh, well, I don’t know WHAT you’d call it . . . lack of style and class perhaps . . . . knitted our hearts together in a way that I have rarely experienced before or since. I have blogged about our connection before and you can read it here.

Caroline and I likened ourselves to Anne and Diana in “Anne of Green Gables.” We truly felt we were kindred spirits. It was as if we were cut from the same cloth, albeit on different continents. I guess that closeness would explain why in the resulting years we’ve never lost contact for very long. Even before the advent of the internet. And even though in 1991 after Caroline graduated (*cough, cough* and not me) I returned to Alaska and she continued living in Virginia.

I did return to Virginia briefly to visit Caroline in July of 1991. One of my dearest friends in Alaska had lost her battle with a malignant brain tumor at the precious age of 22 and I went on vacation to get a grip on my life. Caroline’s sweetness, love, eternal optimism and strength of spirit was a balm the Lord applied to my broken heart. And now as I watch my mother’s battle with cancer, the Lord is using Caroline again to steady my heart.

Since July 1991 we haven’t seen each other face to face. We still live on opposite sides of the country – me in Washington state and she in North Carolina. We have both gone on to marry our life long loves and have children we are crazy about. In 2009 we will both be turning 40. We would cherish having the opportunity to be reunited in person and have a few days to recharge our batteries, have hours to chat together and focus on the Lord. Meeting Candace would be such a delight as we both enjoyed watching Full House. The cruise would be a gift for our approaching 40th birthday and reunite two kindred spirits that were united in the bond of Christ almost a full 1/2 of our lives ago!


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