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‘Fro Me To You – Crybabies

on October 23, 2008

**Alert, alert! Check back here @ 1:00-ish PST for me to announce the results of my contest/giveaway (post below this one). You still have time to venture a guess!**

And here we are with another lovely edition of ‘Sincerely ‘fro me to you. I was in Florida for two weeks and am just now starting to feel somewhat normal. One of my first thoughts upon waking this morning was that I HAD to get this post done.

A little background on the picture. My brother and I hated having our pictures taken by the professionals. I can’t tell you the number of 8 x10’s my poor mother has of us with tear stained eyes and puffy red lips and noses. So one year she had a brilliant idea.

She decide to pay a professional a truckload of money to come out to our house and take the pictures there. I mean, we’d be comfortable, we’d be surrounded by comforting things, thus ensuring angelic, perfectly posed smiles on our faces, with our heads tilted just so. Here’s what she got:

My. Poor. Mother. The fact that the woman has not ended up in a mental facility thanks to her uber-shy, crybaby kids who turned out to be extremely independent and defiant at later ages attests to her strength of character. Mom even brought a friend over for moral support. The friend ended up yelling at us to stop crying and smile. Yeah, it didn’t really work.

Guess what? After the photographer left in what I’m sure was abject defeat, she took her own pictures of us. We were smiles all over the place, albeit with tear stained eyes and puffy, red lips and noses.

Join the fun at Kristen’s blog: We are THAT Family.


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