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Organized Christmas – Are you up for the challenge?

on October 28, 2008

I found the above website a couple of months ago and put it in my “mental lockbox” to be remembered at a later date. And I did remember it. Today. When my friend Caroline mentioned it in a comment. So thank you, Caroline. My lockbox must be more of a vault. Because things go in there never to resurface.

I’ve decided I’m going to organize this Christmas. Notice I didn’t say “try.” I’m serious this year. Last year was a great Christmas, but mostly because I just threw up my hands and didn’t do half of what I usually do. This year I’d like to be a little more in the proactive camp instead of in the cry uncle camp.

So I’m going to do it. The organization starts this week. Yes, my friends, this week. I admit, I think it’s a bit over the top, but I had already toyed with starting a few things now anyway. I truly don’t want to turn Christmas into a huge planning event that exalts my organizational skills (that’s a good one . . . . ) over celebrating the birth of my Savior. But I think if I take it a little at a time, the stress that I almost always experience around this holiday might be lessened, leaving me more time to focus on the greatest gift ever.

And I’m also the same person who in years past has said either to herself or her husband, “I hate Christmas!” I think I was just hating my lack of getting anything organized and the resulting pressure I felt from it. I truly do hate the commercialism of it and the materialism that results. Even in Christian homes. We may rail against how secular Christmas has become while we’re the same people who will go into major debt, turn our children into spoiled brats and turn all our focus on shopping, planning and doing at this time of year. And then on the 25th, maybe the 24th, take a minute to remember Who we’re celebrating. I don’t want to get caught in that cycle ever again.

So does anyone want to take the challenge with me? Anyone feeling up to the task? If you are, you’d better get a move on and head over to Organized Christmas. I’ll meet you there!


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