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Guess who I voted for?

on November 4, 2008

Are ya shocked? Are ya? Are ya??? In the lovely state of Washington we have mail-in ballots. It’s a beautiful thing. Allow me to get sentimental here . . . .

Never, in a million years, in the course of human history, in the – well, you get it – did I think I would ever be voting for my homegirl for vice president. Yes, we both went to the pot smoking high school capitol of America. Yes, we both had to endure the monotony of Wasilla, Alaska during our teen years (there was only one traffic light back then). So I had to commemorate Sarah Palin being on the ballot, and me voting for her, by taking a picture.

I’m not that interested in politics, but there are a few races I’m watching. The president one, of course. The Washington governor one. Please Washington, vote!!! Rossi only lost by 200 +/- votes four years ago. And the Alaska senate one . The incumbent senator, Ted Stevens, was found guilty of a bunch of bad things that, quite frankly, should end his career. But with pride and denial in tow, he’s still running. That’s going to be interesting to watch unfold . . .

So vote! Especially if you’re in the west and just pack it in because you think the election is already decided by the time you need to go vote, turn in your ballot, whatever. Just do it.


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