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The 13th Birthday Party

on November 11, 2008

First, thank you to all the Veterans. I could wax philosophic on this day, but I’ll leave it to those who are much better wordsmiths than I am.

Okay, on to the birthday party. Let’s just say that I got an education in 12-13 year old boys. For the past few years, Austin has opted to have family parties or just invite one friend over. This year he decided a full blown party was called for. So he carefully picked his six closest friends and miracle of miracles, they were all able to come the evening of November 7.

My education started with the party itself. There was to be nothing planned. Yikes! This one scared me since his party was from 5:00 – 11:00 p.m. But on this point Austin would not budge. It worried me a bit and I think I bothered him too much to figure something out, but again, no budging. He really wanted them to spend all their time playing outside. But it’s November. In the Pacific northwest. And rain had been forecasted for his party for 10 solid days. Finally on the day of the party he let me rent a movie for a back up plan. Even he started to lose hope as far as the weather was concerned. No actual plans for the party unless the weather is bad, check.

I also learned that 13 year old boys still want a ginormous cake from Costco, but there is to be NO writing on it along the lines of “Happy Birthday Austin.” When I asked him what he wanted written on the cake he looked at me as if I had just asked, “Shall I have them write, ‘Happy Birthday Sweet Little Shnookums Boy?'” No writing on the cake, check.

And for the love of all that’s holy, there will be NO singing of Happy Birthday “like a 5 year old.” No song, check.

And unless you want my son to spontaneously combust, do not bring up the thought of party decorations more than once. No decorations, check.

So as the evening of the party dawned, I was a bit apprehensive. But in yet another miracle of miracles, it wasn’t raining. It was still damp out, but there was nothing falling from the sky. So guess what? The unplanned party went off without a hitch. We fed them pizza, chips, pop and cake. Do you know how much food a gaggle of boys are capable of inhaling? After that, Tyler and I went upstairs to watch “Penelope” (which I loved by the way).

At one point, every light in our house was off and the boys were running in and out like every light was on. They were playing “Mission Impossible” and having a wonderful time. Wonderful yet loud. Oh my aching ears they were loud. But, being the sanguine that I am, I just let them bellow. Thankfully our house is set up so that you can come in the front door and go out the back door without your feet actually touching carpet – long live Pergo!

So I really didn’t have to worry about the lack of planning – Austin’s friends are obviously just like he is. A party wherever they go. Yeah, I had leaves, pine needles, dirt, moss, etc. to vacuum up the next day, but that was okay. Oh, and my house smelled like the great outdoors for a couple of days, but again, it was okay.

It was okay because in my opinion, my son got to see God bless him on the day of his party. No rain this time of year when it had been forecasted for over a week? That is nothing short of a miracle straight from the hand of God. It did rain the last hour of the party, but the boys were exhausted from Mission Impossible, basketball, trampoline, and all the other crazy things they did.

And I do have to give a plug to the boys at the party. They were so nice to Amber. They let her play everything with them, made sure she was included and never once did I hear or see any of them treating her like “Austin’s stupid sister.” Amber has had to survive her brother her whole life, so she can keep up with the best of any 13 year old boy – I’m sure that helped.

So the party was a smashing success on many levels. I’d show pictures but all of them have most of the boys in them and I don’t feel like calling the parents to see if it’s okay if I put them up on my blog. Trust me, it was great. Successful party that my son loved, check.


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