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‘Fro Me To You – Ode to the Family Christmas Photo Shoot

on November 20, 2008

With the holiday season upon us, I thought this week’s ‘fro entry should reflect it. Well, that and when my husband saw this picture laying around he said, “This has to be your ‘fro entry this week. Holy cr*p, look at your hair.” Thanks honey. Really.

So here we have my attempt, 10 years ago, at a beautiful family photo to impress all of our friends with.

Yeah, that’s quite a picture. Take a minute and take it all in. I’ll start deconstructing it piece by piece.

  1. My husband and the crazed lunatic look on his face. Trust me, his eyes are never that perky. Just moments before he had announced, “This better not take all night.” OH what Christmas spirit doth overflow.
  2. Obviously looking at the pug was more fun for my then almost 3 year old son. He insisted on holding that black piece of wood so he could ‘moke in a piccure. Loosely translated, smoke in the picture. Yes, my son wanted to smoke. In our Christmas picture that was supposed to make us look like a Stepford family.
  3. One can only assume that the spot on said son’s crotch is pee. What else would it be?
  4. The 8 month old looking intently at her shoe. Did we really expect more than that?
  5. Gander down at the spot on my pant’s leg. Don’t remember that being there. Probably never knew it was there.
  6. The pug. Our dearly departed St. Ginger. She looks like she just needs to escape. And quick.
  7. And yes, holy cr*p Batman, look at my hair. That’s a lot of hair, even by 1998 standards.

In case you’re wondering, out of the 10 or 15 pictures we took that night, none of them made the cut. I used a picture of just the kids instead.

Join the fun over at Kristen’s blog: We Are THAT Family.


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