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For lack of anything else more creative . . . . .

on December 16, 2008

I don’t really have an original thought today . . . . my mind has been turned to spaghetti trying to get the HOMEMADE gingerbread house to come to life. It’s going well. So, since I can’t come up with anything better, here’s our Christmas letter for the year. Consider yourself wished a Merry Christmas!

Dearest Family and Friends, December, 2008

We hope this finds you enjoying the beauty of the holiday season . . . . And able to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

If Austin appears to be in pain on the Christmas card, well, he is. He was a few days away from turning 13 and was trying on his teenage angst for size. The high point of this year for him is finally being taller than his mother. He would like to make it clear that he was officially 12 when he surpassed my measly 5’5”. I think he almost cried. Well, one of us did anyway. This past year he earned his green belt in karate, grew taller since I started this letter, and figured out how to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than two minutes. Just thinking about that makes my head hurt.

Amber is 10 ½ and ever the cheerful child. She sings in choir at a home school program and enjoys being around her friends. She goes to American Girl parties once a month and has decided that she likes science. She is definitely our home body and doesn’t need a lot of excitement in her life. If it were up to her, we’d have many pets in addition to our unruly chihuahua. She has, however, discovered clothes. Unlike the Rubik’s cube, shopping doesn’t make my head hurt and she is so much fun to hit the mall with.

I’ve been teaching a 4th & 5th grade Sunday school class at our church for over a year now. It’s never dull! I’m also on the leadership team of a new ministry at our church, Sisters In Law, for wives of law enforcement. With so many different agencies in our area it’s been fun getting to know the women. And yes, I’m still home schooling the kids. Austin is in 7th grade and wants to go to public school for high school. So I know my years of having them home are slowly winding down. In the fleeting moments of free time I have, I love to blog. You can find it here –

Tyler stays plenty busy with his job, fishing and hunting. Let’s just say criminals, fish and geese tremble when they hear his name! HE got to perfect his camping skills many times this summer. The most memorable was the four days we spent on the Oregon coast in July. He still hasn’t gotten used to the mild weather in Vancouver. Mowing the lawn as early as February and as late as November still shocks him a bit. He helps me in the class I teach at church and leads a men’s small group.

The biggest thing in all our lives this year was my mom, Connie, being diagnosed with cancer in late April. She had a tumor in her brain and on her lung. Notice I used to word “had.” God has been beyond gracious to us and radiation removed all the tumor from her brain and chemo stopped the one her lung. The day before Thanksgiving her doctor informed her she’s in remission! She’s been cleared to travel so she’s going to Alaska the first of January so she can see her dad and family. And I get to be her travel buddy! I guess we’ll see just how thin our blood has gotten since moving down here.

As we end this letter we’ll be praying for all of God’s richest blessings on your lives! He has certainly done nothing less than show Himself completely glorious to us this year.

Tyler, Cheri, Austin & Amber


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