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Christmas!! Or Snowpocalypse, or snOMW, or Snowmageddon

on December 26, 2008

Yeah. Christmas of 2008. That phrase will probably cause a series of involuntary bodily twitches for the rest of my life. Or until I enter the blissful state of senior senility. Today is the first day it hasn’t snowed since December 14. Thank you Lord Jesus! So instead of freaking out about the snow, I’ll do a nice little recap of our lovely Christmas.

Christmas Eve morning started off with a bang . . . . a 6:30 a.m. call from my dad informing me that my mom wasn’t doing so hot. There was no way I could get over to that side of town in a timely manner to help him. I told him if it was that bad he needed to call an ambulance. Thankfully, Tyler works on that side of town and I knew he was still in briefing at the station which is only 10 minutes from my parents. I called him and he went to their house. He was scheduled to work that day, but had just found out that they had plenty of bodies so his shift got the day off. I met him and my parents at the hospital.

Long story short, Mom was dehydrated. She’s been drinking enough water, but not getting enough salt in her diet. The water and salt work together to get into your system. She got rehydrated and was home in a few hours. And is now eating Campbell’s soup, saltines and potato chips on a semi-regular basis.

Tyler made it home earlier than I did and the kids were waiting somewhat patiently for me to show up. We open our gifts on Christmas Eve. Growing up, that’s what Tyler’s family did. My family always opened them up on Christmas morning. That’s what our little family did until quite a few years ago. The kids were driving me NUTS wanting to open more than one present on Christmas Eve. I got so frustrated that I said, “Fine, open them all.” Which they did and a tradition was born. They are nice and calm on Christmas Eve and there are no early Christmas mornings. And if you remember this blog, you’ll remember me and mornings do NOT go together.

Here are a few pictures of Christmas Eve . . . . . .

Tyler and the best sweater ever!! I found it on Land’s End . . . . regularly $150, I got it on sale for $40 and no shipping. He’s always wanted a shawl collar sweater and I finally found one.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were tired.

I came home with a new gray sweater a few weeks ago and Amber’s been wanting one ever since. Luckily I found one for her!!

It’s a Festivus miracle! Austin is willingly smiling for the camera.

Amber and the much coveted Smashbox lipgloss. Good thing I had a $10 off coupon for Sephora or she might have had to go on coveting it.

Of course, Christmas Eve services at our church were canceled. I haven’t been to church since December 13 – it’s getting old ya’ll!

Christmas Day we were treated to lunch at Shari’s. Tyler’s parents had driven over from Yakima the night before and he wanted to take us out to eat so no one would have to cook. I had a panini that made me tear up just a little. I love my father in law! We had a nice visit with them before they got on the road back home.

We then headed to my parents house for more fun navigating an unplowed neighborhood road. Tyler bought me a lovely 2008 Toyota Highlander a few weeks ago (in red! My favorite car color.) and that thing is amazing. It has all these special 4 wheel drive features that make it even better than a typical 4 wheel drive. Don’t ask me to explain – that’s what dudes are for. All I know is I’m in LOVE with my car!

We got to my parents and guess what?? IT WAS SNOWING! We had more snow on the ground for Christmas day that we have ever had in recorded history. I had purchased snow boots to wear during my upcoming Alaska trip and I’ve been wearing them here for over a week. Here’s a picture of the worst of the snow.

One of the greatest parts of Christmas day was that my cousin and his two children joined us at my parents. He and his family have recently moved to Vancouver (whoda thunk?) and I had only talked to him on the phone and not seen him. I am now head over heels in love with his children, whom I had never met, and we had a great time reconnecting. His poor wife was home with a migraine, but I hope to be able to see her soon. Here’s a few pictures from my parent’s house.

My cousin and his adorably wonderful children.

Dad and the hubs keeping it coooooooool. That’s the sweater from up above.

Mom, my niece, sister in law and Amber.

The cousins doing something on my mom’s bed.

She was a spitfire and I adored every bit of it. In case you couldn’t tell – lol.

We left the festivities and went to see “Marley & Me.” I’m not even going to go off on what horrible condition the unplowed theater parking lot was in!! The movie was great, great, great. I had read the book and the movie really stayed true to the spirit of the book. It’s impossible to put everything in a book in a movie and have it be less than 15 hours, and this movie did a great job of getting the main points across. If you see the movie I’ll tell you one thing . . . . . as excruciating as the end is in the movie – the book was even WORSE!!! I asked Tyler if he even teared up and he said he did . . . . and got a sore throat trying to choke back the sobs that were wanting to escape.

So that’s our Christmas recap. More like a novel. Right now it’s raining and I’m dancing for joy. Melt snow melt!! I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful and I look forward to reading all of your blogs!!


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