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Get off my case, Sunset magazine!

So today I’m sitting in the waiting room of our dentist’s office. The kids were there for their 6 month check up and . . . . . . no cavities! Yay! Anyway, I decide to pick up a magazine to pass the time. I picked out one of my favorites, Sunset. It’s a magazine that is devoted to life in the west. It always has local goings on and such. It’s more than one of my favorites; I absolutely LOVE Sunset. Until today.

I glanced at the “What to do in your garden for the month of February.” They have this every month for all the specific growing zones. I figured since it was February, there wouldn’t be much to do. Or much to make me feel guilty for not doing.


I guess I’m supposed to be pruning my roses. With their exacting directions in hand. As if I need them to remind me. Do they forget I see my own dead roses every day? Do they not know I see umpteen bushes that need their winter snipping every time I check the mail? I can’t believe that they don’t know that every single day I’m smacked in the face with my yardwork deficiencies.

It’s there when I back out of the garage. When I take the garbage out. When I open the door to whomever is knocking. When I look out my kitchen window and see the gargantuan butterfly bush growing crooked because who thought THAT would get so big and be losing a losing battle for sun rays with the thunderplum next to it . . . .

Sigh. That’s one of the things about living down here that’s been the hardest to get used to. . . . . . the year round yard work. There’s just not enough deep freezes/cold/snow, etc. to kill most things. Nor is there enough sweltering heat in the summer to kill it off. A plant doesn’t really have to have a very strong desire to live – there’s nothing to deter growth!

Alas, the next sunny day I’ll get out there and do everything I need to do. Or I won’t. Yeah, I’m laying money on the “I won’t” part of the equation . . . . .

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I’m SO glad I watched Dr. Phil today

I don’t watch Dr. Phil every day. Some of his shows are just ridiculous or beyond disturbing. Today was the exception. He had two sets of parents who were both supporting their adult kids. Basically, the kids were slugs and the parents paid for everything. It was interesting to watch, if not a bit sickening.

But Dr. Phil said something today that made me think, “You know, you’re not very far from that yourself.” One of the moms kept jumping in to try to make everyone think that her kids were helpless in the money department (not even close to the truth). This wasn’t the first time she had done it and Dr. Phil turned to her and gave her one of those tones of voices I hope I never hear from him.

He told her that her sense of feeling good about herself was more important than letting her kids suffer their own consequences (I paraphrased, I can’t remember exactly). Owie. I can be guilty of that. Mostly it’s in the area of not wanting my punishment I administer to the kids to hurt too bad. I feel guilty if they’re upset. I realized in that moment that my “guilt” is nothing short of a scheme of Satan. He wants me to feel bad, so I don’t get on the kids so much. If I’m lazy when it comes to my discipline, then my kids don’t benefit. See how sneaky the ol’ devil is?

So tonight Austin decided to do something he knew he shouldn’t have. In fact, he had just gotten in trouble for it at dinner. It’s a recurring theme and it has to stop. After “it” came out of his mouth, it took him about .002 seconds to realize he’d done messed up. I looked at him and said, “Why did you do that?” I’m sure you know his answer . . . . . .”I don’t know.” He had wanted to watch a show on t.v. and I told him THAT was over and he could spend the remaining hour before bedtime in his room.

And then the guilt set in. The feeling bad that he was going to miss his show. Oh sure, I talk a big talk but when it comes down to it, I can still waffle back and forth on discipline issues. And then (cue triumphant music) I remembered what Dr. Phil said. OCH!! I had to stick to my guns on this one and not let me not wanting to feel bad get in the way of what was really important. So I sent my sniffing and teary eyed son to his room.

And guess what? The guilt (which was completely false and not real guilt – just another scheme of the devil) was gone in about, oh, 2 minutes. And who knows, maybe he’ll learn something. The hubs just got back from his small group and I informed him of the events of the evening. I’m sure he went and had a talk with Austin . . . .I just didn’t want to be there when he did!

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Sincerely ‘Fro Me To You: You know you’re from Alaska when . . . .

I was born and raised in Alaska. Except for a few years during elementary school and the last 5 years, Alaska was home. Things are just different in Alaska. Lots of things. Things that when people visit they are kind of dumbstruck over. But we Alaskans just think it’s normal.

Case in point, my picture for this week. Even if you ignore the peach jumpsuit with a green belt, my obvious lack of a hair style, and whatever kind of face I was making for the camera . . . . . on second thought, how CAN you ignore those things. Lord help a girl. What was UP with me and my apparent “never ready for the camera” self? *heavy sigh*

Anyway, the thing that amuses me about the picture is the use of guns as decor. It also wouldn’t shock me if they were loaded. Because nothing says “I’m an Alaskan” like guns hanging on the wall. This was taken at a friend’s house – actually the friend who had me wear the bridesmaid dress from last week’s ‘Fro Me To You. And I KNOW that neither of my parents had the least bit hesitation about letting me spend the night where firearms were within reach of crazy teenagers.

Yep, it was a different time back then. And by back then I mean 1984 – just in case you were wondering. You can join in the ‘Fro Me To You Fun at We are THAT Family!!

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Works for Me Wednesday: Cuddl Duds

I am cold all the time. All. The. Time. I’ve been like that since I was a child. I went through a few years where I was hot all the time, but that’s because I was highly caffeinated all the time. All. The. Time. It got to a fever pitch (no pun intended) and I realized I had to quit the caffeine. The accompanying rage was too much to deal with. And viola – while one problem was solved, another was born.

I had no idea what to do to keep myself warm. Nothing worked. Then I happened to be reading a completely unrelated book and he talked about his wife and the long johns that his wife wore – Cuddl Duds. I immediately bought some tops and bottoms and my life has been forever changed.

What’s even better than Cuddl Duds – which can be a little spendy – is that fact that they now sell at K-Mart (Chill Chasers by Cuddl Duds) and Target (Warm Essentials by Cuddl Duds). I happened to find a new top and bottom on clearance at Target this week. You can also find some good deals online. I would highly suggest getting the microfiber/microwear items. They move and stretch better with your body.

So staying warm works for me!!! Check out more Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks In My Dryer’s blog.

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Simple Woman’s Day Book – January 26, 2009

This is something my blog buddy, Rebecca, does every week. So I’m finally joining her since I need some prompting on what to write.

FOR TODAY January 26…

Outside my window…it’s dark and cold. We got about an inch of snow yesterday and it’s been so chilly that it’s taking its sweet time melting. The kids wanted to build a snowman but ended up shooting their bb guns and air rifles in the backyard. We have a very big backyard with some woods so I wasn’t worried about them hurting anything.

I am thinking…more like wondering why some Christians don’t make more of an effort to protect their minds from the harmful things of this world.

I am thankful for…a husband who does the above.

From the kitchen…I made the BEST homemade chicken noodle soup and whole wheat rolls for dinner tonight. Yummy!

I am wearing…my pajamas with the new long johns I got on sale at Target. I am now warm 24/7 – not an easy task.

I am creating…not a lot lately. I am neck deep in this book series. And I just finished a very intense Bible study. So even though I haven’t been creative lately, I’m very fulfilled.

I am going…to see Beth Moore in Portland in April. My husband’s cousin just bought her ticket today. She lives out of town and we don’t get to see her nearly as much as I’d like. I have been downright giddy all day at the thought of spending this amazing time with her.

I am reading…well, see above. And Beth Moore’s “90 Days with the Beloved Disciple” a devotion focusing on the writings of John the Apostle and my Bible.

I am hoping…to get a massage this week to see if I can get my headaches to go away. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go visit my eye doctor.

I am hearing…the t.v. and the clock which is loudly ticking.

Around the house…I am the only one up. I cherish this quiet time!

One of my favorite things…is the new Revlon ColorStay Overtime Sheer lip color in Sheer Plumlite and Sheer Pomegranate. Oh my – I love it!

A few plans for the rest of the week….same old, same old . . . . run Austin to small group and karate, kids to their classes on Wednesday, teach my class at church. Hubs has Wednesday off which only happens once a month. Me + him – two children for 5 hours = YAAAHOOOOOO! AND he and I have a cool little night planned on Friday in Battleground. It’s a progressive dinner type of thing but sponsored by some little shops I adore. I can’t wait. He’s such a good sport to go with me!
Here is picture thought I am sharing

This is a pear, apple, blueberry crostada I made recently. What makes me laugh about this picture is that you can see my Bible and Daniel study book in the corner. That’s the intense study I was talking about earlier. It really seemed to take over all aspects of my life for a while!

Join in the fun HERE.

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My brain hurts

It hurts so much I typed, “My bran hurts.” HERE is the reason my brain is hurting . . . . .

Tonight my Bible study and I finished 12 weeks of studying the book of Daniel. As Beth says, “I’m NOT dumber after finishing this study.” And in all honesty, I’m glad for the break.

Bible prophecy just doesn’t fascinate me like it does others. Maybe it should, but it doesn’t. It makes my brain hurt. But, I stuck with it out, did all my homework and I’m so happy I did. I’ll never be the same.

And on another note, Amber and I are watching “A Very Duggar Wedding.” And even though it’s only 8 minutes into the show all I can say is “so far, so strange.” Like most every show about them . . . . . .

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In which I cause permanent damage to my left pinky toe

Or it could be titled, “I’m an idiot.” Either one will work. So let’s set the stage . . . . .

As usual, I found myself at Target tonight. I CANNOT stay away from that place for more than a couple days in a row. Tonight I was in need of a birthday card and thank you card. I wanted to go to Walgreens, but I missed the turn so I just kept truckin’ to Target. I picked out the two cards and, hey, I was at Target. There are no simple in and outs at that place. It’s go in, get what you need, get what you want, get what you don’t need, get something on sale, put 4 of the 7 items in your cart back, go back for one of the items, feel guilty that you picked it back up, finally put that one back. I was in that sort of pattern tonight.

I needed the birthday card because I’m going to a party for one of my dear high school friends tomorrow night. Yep, we graduated together in Wasilla, Alaska and she lives in Vancouver (with her hubby who graduated with us, too). Small world, eh? About half way through my Target madness I realize, “Oh, I’m going OUT tomorrow night. Like OUT that isn’t church or Applebee’s. OUT that might require more than the usual tennis shoes I wear.” Crap.

So I wandered over to the shoe aisle and nothing is working for me. I have an OCD behavior this cute habit of trying on the most outrageous, over the top shoe I can find knowing I will never buy it. Of course, I only do it at the serve yourself places. I would never ask someone to go get a crazy shoe just so I can get my jollys. So the wildest shoe I can find tonight is this one:

If you look at the website, you’ll see that there is a 4.25 inch heel on this shoe. I decide this shoe is worthy my ritual and proceed to stuff my foot into it. I’m wearing nice, thick white socks and my foot barely fits. I feel the resistance and that makes me only shove my foot in harder, while stomping it on the floor.

And therein lies my mistake.

I had forgotten that I stubbed my poor pinky toe really badly earlier in the evening. I had no reason to remember it because I’d been wearing tennis shoes all night. Ya know, shoes that actually accommodate my foot.

I guess I deserve the near-crippling pain that shot up through my leg from the pinky toe as I stomped the killer heel onto my foot. You have never seen anyone take off a high heel so fast. I didn’t even get to do my white-trash walk up and down the aisle in high heels with my white socks on, all the while saying, “Good grief these are uncomfortable” to no one in particular. Instead I just blinked back the tears as I limped to the check out. And I drove home trying to figure out how to make my tennis shoes look cute for a night . . . . .

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Sincerely ‘Fro Me To You – This One Just Hurts

Yep – this post just plain causes me physical pain. So here it is . . . . . . . . .

The year was 1990 and I was a bridesmaid. I bet you never could have figured any of that out on your own. The bride’s sister and I were messing around with the camera before the ceremony.

What is there really to say? It was 1990. Royal blue was a must at every wedding – complete with dyed to match shoes. Please don’t look at how white my skin was yet how tan my legs were. The bow . . . . the drop waist dress that does NOT work on someone who is short waisted . . . . the big hair. Well, the hair can’t be truly appreciated until you see the following picture:

Here we are – me and the bride’s sister, Hannah. Yes, I paid a hefty chunk of change to get my hair to unnaturally stay all over to one side. *sigh* Two years later, Hannah was a bridesmaid in my wedding. Had Polly and Jim not moved to the other side of the country, Polly would have certainly been in my wedding as well.

But as much as it pains me, it would pain me more if all the satin, hairspray and eye shadow were in vain. My dear friends, Polly and Jim are still married!!! They are the proud parents of three boys and are adopting a little girl. Had the marriage not lasted, I might be a tad on the bitter side. Polly and I met when we were 12 and we have stayed in contact all these years. Just so you know, we’re going on 28 years of friendship. God is good.

Join all the fun at Sincerely ‘Fro Me To You at We Are THAT Family.

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Works for Me Wednesday: Prayer Journal

I have always had the best intentions when it came to praying, especially praying for others. But the fact of the matter is I just plain forget most of the time. We’re talking about me. The woman who makes a grocery list and then leaves it at home. And the amount of time that passed from ending the list to leaving the house is less than 5 minutes. So if I want to pray for someone who’s having surgery in a week . . . . . . ah, it’s a hopeless proposal.

Last May when my mom was diagnosed with cancer (she’s in remission now – yay!) I was desperate to get my prayer life in order. It wasn’t that I thought God would answer me more if my prayers were more consistant and organized – it was like I got energized to get my act together.

After much research, I stumbled upon “Prayers of My Heart” by Debbie Williams. The journal is divided into three sections. The first consists of 12 undated monthly calendars. I LOVE this aspect of the journal. I can write down when people are having surgery, going on missions trips, moving, birthdays, etc. It gives me the ability to “remember” to pray for people.

The second section is more for people/things you pray for on an ongoing basis. It is divided into 7 rows for each day of the week, and 12 columns. For instance, my columns are titled for my husband, kids, family, friends, the ministry I work in, my church, other ministries, nation and misc. Mrs. Williams encourages you to use one of these a week. I could never do that. It would be too much writing every week and would overwhelm me. The first set of prayer days lasted me six months.

The third section is for notes . . . . I don’t have to explain that.

It is very exciting to look back over the months and see the amount of things that I have marked as “PTL” when a prayer is answered. And there’s some sadness. One dear soul lost his battle with cancer while I was praying for him. Now I have the honor of praying for his family.

If you don’t have an organized, consistent prayer life, I really recommend this journal.

Join Shannon for more Works for Me Wednesday fun!!

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You Found Me When No One Else Was Lookin’

Alrighty – more blog fodder courtesy of Statcounter. If you don’t remember from this blog, Statcounter is a tracker that lets you see all sorts of stuff about your blog or website. It will also show you the words/phrases people use in search engines and ultimately land on your page. So without further ado, I give you the most recent findings:

Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer
God bless you. Gazunheidt. You’re sooooooooo good looking. (Leave me a comment if you get that last one. If you get it, you’re awesome. Or a loser – I haven’t decided. And obviously since I know where the phrase came from, I’m on the fence about myself being awesome or a loser . . . . . )

Three Simple Rules
Are there only three? If there are, I’m sure they aren’t simple.

Cheri multiply
2 x 2 = 4, 2 x 3 = 6, 2 x 4 = 8, 2 x 5 = 10, do I need to go on?

snowed in pacific northwest mom
Man if that ain’t the truth. Nearly two weeks housebound and I still don’t think I’ve recovered. But on the upside, when else do you get to use words like “Snowmageddon” and “Snowpocalypse?”

Let me have your eyes to see, God
Sadly, this is as close as I can get . . . . .

Is this a hair problem? A delicious cake topping problem?

Warm in Alaska on LPM blog
Anytime a search links me to anything Beth Moore, it’s a good day!! (LPM is her ministry’s name – Living Proof Ministries.)

immaculate house
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . okay, now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor. I have no idea how this got to my blog. Really. My house is so far from immaculate it’s laughable.

What Shall I Put on the front of my 13th birthday invite ??
I’m completely unsure and join you in your despair over your dilemma. What shall you place on the placard to be hand delivered to your chums by your butler, Jeeves.

what my pastor means to me
I hope a lot. Mine is bombdiggity!

just want to be home snuggled up because it is so cold oh my god
What cracks me up on this one is how long it is. She must’ve been really cold and at her wits end (yes, I’m assuming it’s a woman – look at all those words!). I wonder if she used her Iphone to Google this and her little fingers were freezing while punching in so much text.

Horrible cold Washington State
People in Washington do NOT know what cold is, unless they’ve lived in Alaska. Or Minnesota. Or windy Illinois. Or one of the Dakotas.

what is the degrees at this moment
UGH! The response I wanted to type to this is so inappropriate to my new non-judgmental vow of awesomeness. It must go unsaid.

27 degrees below zero
Nose hairs freeze when you breathe in. Take my word for it.

And now, for my favorite entry in this round of “You Found Me When No One Else Was Lookin'” . . . . . . . drum roll please . . . . . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . . . .

http://www.romanians hot sexy women
As I live and breathe, this is the truth people. Some things will never cease to amaze me!

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