The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

At the moment, it’s 27 degrees below zero

on January 4, 2009

But it sure does make for a pretty picture, doesn’t it? I still am in a good mood about it. I got up willingly at 3 a.m. to start our rental car so it would start this morning, too. But I don’t think it was as cold as it is now. I’m going to go out at midnight and start it tonight, and then again around 4 or 5 a.m.

This was taken after we drove around the neighborhood my parents lived in for almost 20 years, Settler’s Bay. Tyler and I lived there a couple of years, too and built our first home there. Wow. That’s a memory. If your marriage can survive building a house, it can survive anything.

This is a real flocked tree!!

And last but not least, Pioneer Peak. This is my most favorite mountain of all time. I guess because I’ve spent so much of my life looking at it!

I’m not getting around to many blogs – we’ve been busy. We went to lunch at Chepo’s today (ch-eh-pos, not cheapo’s!!). It’s a Mexican restaurant that’s been around for years and it was astoundingly wonderful as always. Mom is eating like a trooper!! I haven’t had to get on her once. And guess what?? She feels better! Makes one want to roll the eyes . . . . .

Wherever you are – stay warm!


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