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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

25 things about me

on January 12, 2009

Copied from Inspired by my dear friend, Tracy, here are 25 little, and not so little, random factiods about me.

1. Jesus Christ is the uncontested delight of my life.

2. I cannot stand mainstream country music in any shape, form or fashion. I get angry when “Christian country” comes on the radio.

3. However, I am a HUGE fan of Alison Krauss & Union Station. Listening to her every day will increase the quality of your life 50 – 75%. As long as you skip the songs when the dudes sing.

4. I spoil my dog mercilessly and am then annoyed by it.

5. I have broken my right arm twice.

6. I am officially sick of all things Disney.

7. I love having a 13 and almost 11 year old. My life is easy and good. (Not being sarcastic, it’s the truth.)

8. I used to just love purses. Thanks to Tracy and Melody, I now love all things Coach. I don’t know whether to thank them or cry.

9. I love, love, love, love to cook.

10. I hate baking more than words can convey. Baking nearly ruined this Christmas season for me.

11. I will be 40 in August. Ouch.

12. I will miss my 30’s. I got my spiritual act together during that decade . . . . . it’s been quite the ride.

13. I have a real difficulty with people who always put on the “everything is okay and will always be wonderful” front. I think I repel shiny plastic people.

14. I went to four full years of college and didn’t get my degree. Almost 18 years after quitting, I still couldn’t care less.

15. I don’t want another pet.

16. Yet I find myself looking at for another dog. I have to then confess my wicked ways to Tyler who has yet another near-coronary.

17. My husband does things that are so wonderful I tell few people. I’ve found that people think I’m lying, exaggerating, bragging or then go home and yell a their husbands. True story.

18. I wonder why people let themselves get so busy that they don’t have time for what really matters. Then I remember that’s just how I used to be.

19. I would really love to write a book someday.

20. I’m not afraid of confrontation.

21. I love white chocolate mochas. So bad for you but oh so delicious.

22. I wear Crocs only indoors. I am addicted to and love them. However, I wouldn’t be caught dead in public in them. They’re hot pink, ya’ll.

23. Speaking of pink, I like it a little too much. If it were socially acceptable, I would drive a pink car. And have pink hair. And wear all pink with pink make up. You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

24. I have learned a lot of things this last year that I would have denied at any other time in my life.

25. I am quite un-sentimental – I don’t hold on to things a second longer than necessary.


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