The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

I should never be unsupervised

on February 3, 2009

That’s embarrassing to admit, and even more to type. But I’m afraid it’s true. And I have pictures to prove it.

I decided to color my hair today. Actually, the gray in my roots growing out decided it for me. I color my hair myself, but I’m thinking after today I either need someone to hold my hand or I need to have someone do it for me. Or a maid. Yeah . . . . . . . a maid!!

Now that I’m back to reality, here’s what happened. I was coloring my hair as usual and all was going well. I managed not to get too much on my forehead or ears and was thinking my endeavor was going to be successful. I guess in the shower my eyes reset or something, for when I was drying off, I realized just what a stinkin’ mess I made. If I was one of my kids I’d be ticked. Especially for not cleaning it up when the mess was made.

So here is my walk of shame . . . . . .

This one was definitely the worst. It’s the border (?) that goes around the bottom of the wall in our bathroom. The hair dye had been on there so long that it’s not going to come out. This picture was taken after I tried to remove it. Then there was the floor itself . . . . .

If you look closely you’ll notice the secondary stain below the semi-rectangle. I’ll explain that later. Now let’s move up to the counter, shall we?

Hair dye on my precious Tiffany & Co (if you squint you can barely make out the writing) silvercloth pouch!! Tyler really did get me something from Tiffany’s a few years ago – it’s a silver cross that I love. I even have the blue box with the white ribbon saved as a momento. But, as usual, nothing in my life can go completely unscathed as a result of being owned by ME! Then there was this:

The bottle of tea tree oil that is trying to help me combat my winter eczema (and doing a pretty good job). I managed to drip on that, too. At this point, I was just disgusted with myself. I went to throw, literally, my socks in the hamper and something out of the ordinary caught my eye and it almost sent me over the edge. It was this:

I’d been walking around with hair dye on my SOCKS. That would explain the secondary stain on the floor up above.

So I cleaned up. And was none too pleased with myself. Maybe next time I’ll just lay down a big painter’s drop cloth. Or one of those plastic sheets you put under a baby’s highchair. I’m thinking either one would help protect my bathroom (and socks) from me.


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