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A Shot of Esther-gen

on February 8, 2009

I shamelessly copied the title of my blog from Vicki Courtney at the Virtue Alert blog. Just in case you are impressed with the cool title, please be impressed with Vicki!!

Yes, tonight I finally get to start the Bible study I have probably been waiting over a YEAR to start. I found out Beth Moore was writing this study many moons ago. The thing is, she writes the study, then has to record the video sessions and has to get it published. It’s an excruciatingly long process. At least the waiting is for me, I don’t know about anyone else. It was FINALLY published last November. But we had just started Daniel.

So tonight is the night!!! It’s the first study she’s ever done about a woman. Her studies are for women, but have never been about one in the Bible. I’m down right giddy.

I was driving around town yesterday and was being all giddy about the study and then I had to ask myself what exactly I was most excited for. Was it to see my Bible study ladies? Was it to watch the videos? Was it to start something new? What was it? I sat on that for a minute and figured out what the one thing I was most excited for. I’m excited because I know, through the course of studying my Bible, I’ll hear from God. I’ll get His word into my heart and I’ll be changed.

Yes, Beth is great. Yes, I love my Bible study friends. Yes, I like to start something new. But every time I’ve given myself to in-depth Bible study, I’ve been blessed by God. I have NEVER been disappointed. His word is inexhaustible – there is no way I can know it all. I am so excited to get to know more about Him. To get to apply His principles to my life. HE is the reason I go. I go because I want to know Him more. I don’t go because “I should and gosh, I really need to.”

And now I really need to stop typing because we’re going to meet some friends for lunch and mama here ain’t got on no makeup!! Happy Sunday.


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