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Happy Birthday To My Forever Valentine

on February 12, 2009

Today, February 12, is my husband’s 39th birthday. I remember his birthday 17 years ago. His friend Kevin called me and invited me to Tyler’s surprise birthday party. Tyler put Kevin up to calling me . . . . . . the girl who was throwing the party didn’t want me there. Too bad! I showed up, as nervous as heck, and began the process of falling head over heels in love with the man who would be my husband six short months later.

What made me fall in love with him so completely and so quickly?? Lots of little things. The first being he told me he’d call me. Guess what? He really did. I was in shock. I told him, “I can’t believe you really called!!” And he just kept on calling until I gave in and we went on our first date less than 24 hours after the surprise party.

What else? We lived in Alaska and he would get up early to come clean the snow and ice off my car every morning at 6 a.m. I remember one guy I worked with looking out the window and saying, “Oh, he’s in loooooooooooooove.” Tyler would leave me donuts under my car for me to find. He would leave me notes on my car telling me how crazy he was for me. We spent every spare second together . . . . . even the ones where I was sleepy from working a crazy schedule. He never once complained or made fun of me for showing up in ghetto sweats. How could I not fall for a man like that.

He’s been doing wonderful things like that ever since. At the birth of our children – the part where I was actually giving birth – he was so amazing I joke that they could use what he said in a soap opera. He has been so supportive through the worst of times, too. When my grandma died and we were all so grief stricken, he showed up with pizza for my entire family . . . . . and there’s a lot of us! When there were three unthinkable deaths within 5 weeks and I went into la la land for 16 months, he would hold me while I cried.

And in April 2008 when my mom was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and lung cancer . . . . . . he put aside his own pain and ministered to me. He took extra time off work to be with me, because I was a mess and he knew it. And as I’ve slowly put the pieces of my life back together (Mom’s in remission – praise our glorious God!!), he never pushed. Never thought I should be doing better. He just loved me.

And I just love him . . . . my forever Valentine.

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